Back at it for good!

What happened after April?

Life happened. Unexpected things came around. I’ve caught myself barely breathing. I know nothing until now. You see, when you love something, you’ll have time for it. No reason. No drawbacks. No setbacks. No ifs and buts. Period.

And I am glad to say I love writing. I have loved writing. I am loving writing. I will forever be in love with writing. Not familiar though? Maybe it’s about time I have to rekindle the fire that writing brings me. Let me introduce this to you.

Writing gives me security. Every time I write something, I feel protected. Every word just surrounds me with safety and comfort that everything will be okay. It brought so much voice than I thought. It’s my guardian.

Writing gives me motivation. My own words spoke to me in a manner I never wanted. It’s penetrating and shocking. The answers I am searching were found in the piece I am making. It brings hope. It’s my own energy pill.

Writing gives me joy. It’s like an accomplishment for me. Sealing the article with an ending statement and a period makes me more alive. I am so grateful to successfully create one masterpiece again. I want more.

Writing gives me wisdom. It enables me to think beyond, listen more deeply and reach farther than I can. It stretches me to the point I no longer own myself. Writing perhaps possessed me. It embraces me with such knowledge.

Writing gives me a companion. Whenever I felt no one would understand, writing becomes a way to listen to those thoughts. It accompanies me in my darkest sides and still stays. It never wanted to leave. Writing’s clingy, though.

Writing gives me discipline. It demands order and direction. It calls for a plot that really happened. It wants to convey true emotions and deepest feelings. It doesn’t accept raw, and pieces of details. Writing look for my highlights.

Writing gives me purpose. I am always excited as to what I write next. I know that it will never be the same again. It bring fresh and new revelation every time. Not only it excites me, but it also brings life to my world. Writing does.

So with this, I make a covenant not to stop writing, not to stop exploring and not to stop expressing myself. This is my life, my thoughts and my world. I will write it the way my pen leads me. I will write the way He wanted me to.

Writing, once again.


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