All is well

Why bothered little heart?

I was reminded of the time you put yourself in a relationship that sucks life out of you. Everything you do is just giving, without receiving anything in return. Of course you do not expect. But you didn’t also deserve the way you’re treated. You are a woman. You are worthy of all the honor and respect you can get from any man. You are not less. You are not more. You are always enough. Sadly, you didn’t know these back then. So you continue to give and share pieces of your heart to him only to end up broken and shattered. That man didn’t know how to handle such gem. And you moved on.

Now you told me a different story. This is a different man. Apart from everyone you have met, as you have described him yourself. He seeks your Lover first before he ever loved you. He is gentle and admirable. He always has his best intentions with you. You feel loved, cared and nourished. You felt like a flower blooming in its season with everything you receive. In fact, you are not giving anything at all. This is totally new. And you treasured it well. You are praying that everything be in alignment to your purpose and His will in your life. You are peaceful.

Time passed and he became acceptable to people surrounding you. They have acknowledged his difference with any other man. They appreciate everything he is doing and gets excited even more if it is with you. Everyone now is in favor of him because they see his authenticity and faithfulness. His efforts were all made visible to them and his sincerity took their heart away. They have never met a man with such characteristics. The same goes for you. Everything is new. You don’t know how to respond most of the times and you are now proud with the current relationship you have.

Then this man came in contact with the people surrounding you. He befriended them, seeks their approval and advice with his pursuit of a relationship with you. At first, you are excited. You cannot wait for everyone to meet him. You are sure he will be liked and cherished as he is to you. And you never went wrong. But a thought popped into your mind. What if he’s liked by everyone, or rather someone for that matter? What if he behaves the way he behaves in front of you to others as well? He will be admired, and he might respond with charm. What if someone tried to lure him? What if he’s too kind now?

Your heart then pumps blood harder. All the more while you are contemplating the situation you are in.

Why bothered little heart?

Let’s put those thoughts into sleep. You never needed those. This is a different man, you said so yourself. Trust your choice. Trust yourself.

Nothing can be taken away from you. If it’s meant for you, it will always be for you. You need not go hard about it and put a lot of efforts to make someone stay. They choose to stay, not you.

You need to resolve your trust issues and realized that a there are better men in reality. You still live in a world full of hope. He doesn’t give up yet. So what right do you have to quit?

There is no quitting to something He has for you. Be secured. You’ll do well.


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