Someone to someone

Everything can change.

Once in my life, I have opened up my heart to Someone powerful than me. I never knew I could partner with Someone I never knew existed. I never even knew alive. Before, I would gauge the heights and depths of risk I put myself in just to expect greater return imaginable. But with this current relationship I have, all came easy. No effort has been given nor has risk been measured. This is quite new. This is different.

Change happened to me. It drastically turned my life 180 degrees. What was once unreachable becomes a reality. The loser becomes the winner and the winner really takes all. Long boring nights are transformed to be intimate and exciting conversations. New habits were formed. Friends got away. But I feel better. I feel alive and free. This feeling was never introduced to me. Just now. With Him.

I cannot quite explain all at once. But there is one thing for sure. I cannot do this alone. I cannot be who I am supposed to be without the help of that Someone. He sure knew my past and my mistakes, but accepts me anyway. He knew I was having really bad thoughts about Him, but He still favored me. I cannot hide anything from Him, and yet He continued to show me great and grandeur things. He has given me love – love that surpasses my understanding and emotions. This love changes everything.

And so I continued to walk with this love inside of me. Then, I met someone with whom I chose to build a friendship with. We would talk about silly and serious things with a lot of variety and tempo. We were connected as He once knew that Someone who changed my life. Time passes by and we became closer. We spend time building one another, discussing about life and future. We dig our pasts hoping it would make the present clearer.

But I became afraid. I called Someone. I told Him this someone I knew has done significant mistakes in his life. Not only did he become addicted to many vices, but somehow he almost kills a person. I know Someone also changed him. I can also tell he has changed. But it wasn’t enough for me. It was never enough for anyone who’d meet him. Someone was quiet. He is silent. I cannot hear His voice. I needed an answer.

One day, I had come across a store which just opened that day and is looking for a worker full-time. The signage enumerates the qualifications. I thought I could give a try since I was qualified. During the hiring process, a thought popped up in my mind. Someone has never list down such qualifications. I never had credentials to meet His precious gift, but He gave anyway. It brought me to tears. And then I heard a whisper, “If it doesn’t bother me, It should not bother you also.”

I leaped from my chair where I was waiting for the interview. I ran to someone. I ran hard and fast, hoping we could still restore our relationship. Thankfully, we did.

I realized if our pasts still hold us in the present, we wouldn’t have this joy of sharing life with our friends and family. All because our pasts in one way or another, will hinder us from stepping into the amazing present we have now. Nobody has such a beautiful past. If this will hinder us from building new relationships, then who will ever be qualified right? Let’s give everybody a chance. If Someone can change me, He can do it to my someone too. Only He can, only He will.


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