Two months have already passed by.

I was writing on my planner last night about the things I needed to accomplish before the quarter ends. I was surprised to know that there will be less than 35 days to work over those and finish my tasks. It got me restless. I decided to sleep but to-do lists just flooded my mind. I was nowhere near on my rest. Opportunity wasted. Another hour had gone by. I needed to stop this. Or should I?

We can all relate on how much we were caught by time. But aren’t we missing something significant on this? Seasons. You are in one. This is your season.

May it be you are in the season of entering a new chapter in your life. You are about to graduate. Career is a name you didn’t know about until now. You came searching for jobs and opportunities, looking for high-paying employment offers only to find out there is none. You wanted to celebrate on how you just finished schooling yet you cannot contain the fear of stepping out to the world of the unknown. Be still. Enjoy this season, and let time catch up. You won’t get it back anyways.

May it be you are about to explore a new environment and experience interesting places for yourself. Nothing won’t even dare to hold you back, but you know that distance speaks. It speaks a language you never wanted to know. Indeed, miles cannot be counted but traveled. You lack courage. You despise being far away. Options are not really available for the moment. You just need one thing. Trust yourself. You are in no rush. Keep doing what you needed to do.

May it be you came to desire and long for something special you never have felt before. This year, you have committed to grow in maturity and wisdom as a woman you are molded to be. You felt tired of people asking you the same questions, why you have to keep your purity up until now. Temptation keeps on lingering in your thoughts, and most of the times you felt the urge to follow it. You are thinking, youthful days for you have ended. It is now or never. Time’s passing by just like you age. You got this. Slow down.

May it be you spent most of your days in quiet time. You keep on seeking for clarity on your direction and goals in life. Answers are not ringing in your ears. Instead, anxiety is deafening. You hold your ground but you also question its fulfillment. No one has been really trying to listen to you. It did not matter for anyone. People became passive of your dreams and endeavors. They always thought you can do this alone. Then, you are restless. You force everything to happen all at once. Breathe. Calm down. Time is in your favor.

This is your season. No one controls it for you but you alone. You have everything in your hands to turn things around. You are in this battle for a season. Your past experiences and mistakes are not taken for granted. They are your stepping stones for the next season. Meanwhile, grasp this moment. Time is not running out. It will came running to you, offering the amazing gift of eternity. Why? Because you have all the time in this world to create, recreate and discover.

Use time wisely. Maximize this season. God has always been a redeemer of time. He is faithful to bring you in your best moment at the right place with the right people at the right time.

Do not let time passed you by. Focus, and let time do the coping.



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