Pause. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Life’s happening too fast. You better catch up. Better be on tune. Stay in your track. Feel your pulse. You are still here. You are quite the main character in this storyline. But you are dragged away from the role given to you from the start. Check yourself. Check your words and actions. Are those in alignment with the script provided to you? Do you still portray you? Pause. Let’s start again.

You are happy. I know. Things happened the way you least expected them to. Plans changed. Goals are kept on hold. You are enjoying this moment. You know it won’t last long, so you treasured them this much. You make them your priority. You have invested everything already. Pause. Be yourself again.

You are amused. You never know you can be loved and cared for that much. His words are ringing endlessly in your ears. His actions are something you always look forward to. You begin to give your attention to him. He has earned your trust and respect. You hope for the best. Pause. Come back to your first love again.

You are excited. You want to grab a hold of your future today. You are restless. You operate in the world you hope to have. You act based on your expectations that are not yet met. Slow down, the future will never be gone but your days will soon be over. Don’t miss the adventures of today for the uncertainties of tomorrow. Pause. Embrace today again.

You are motivated. Ideas are flooding your mind and you tend to dive into each one of them as you will. Opportunities keep on knocking, but your route keep on fading. Where do you really want to go? What do you really want to pursue? You don’t even know. But you hope you’ll find them. Pause. Remember your purpose again.

Pause. But don’t stop. Just pause. Everything around you will continue its cycle. But you can never go back to what you have been before, to what you have done before, to what you are before. Unless you made a decision to. Pause. Not everything about you needs to change.

Because sometimes, change also needs consistency. And you are the only one that could offer that. Remain to be you, and get better every day. The world needs you. The you – set apart for a greater call, not the you – influenced by changes.

You need to pause.


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