When writing an article, there are three parts that you should know and that is the introduction, the body and the conclusion. However, when writing the stories of your life, there is only one thing that matters – and that is process.

Everyone goes through process. You can just either delay it or advance it. You choose. But as for me, sometimes I don’t want to go through the process.

I don’t want to make adjustments. I love what we have right now. I love how we communicate to each other. I love how we laugh through random moments, unexpectedly and surprisingly. I love how we met and just quickly have each others backs. I love how we are right now. Unfortunately, there are things that should be broken, expectations that should be eliminated and feelings that should be tamed. I need to undergo process. So, how about those things I have loved?

Now, I am going to love what we have right now – reduced attention to each other. I am going to love how we communicate – in a limited language. I am going to love how we laugh – with pretentions. I am going to love how we changed like this. I am going to love how we are right now – in a controlled situation.

Because of the process, we know we need but we know we don’t want to admit.

I don’t want to change. I have been planning my life with him for the longest time. I have been in and out his home in my daily routines. I have known everyone associated with him. I have experienced my firsts in every aspect of my life with him. I have been his. I know his likes and dislikes. I could be forever with him. I went to places because of him. I go to places for him. I loved him from the moon and back. And I will always do. Sadly, we’re not meant to be. How am I to accept all these?

From now on, my plans won’t include him. I cannot perform my daily routines like before. I should start disassociating myself with the people we have known together. I should reset my bucket list. I should remind myself I cannot be his anymore. I must be true to myself and distinguish my likes and dislikes apart from him. I will not spend forever with him. I must go to new places. I should explore the country and the world for myself. I must end this love and not return to that feeling anymore for him.

Because of the process, we know we need but we know we don’t want to admit.

Let’s process this. Process does not produce limitations. It expands horizons. It gives you opportunity you never think of. It sees beyond the now. It focuses on the result. It gives you a brighter future. It may be painful and inconvenient to you, but it will only be for a while. Then you can say process is really just a process. It bears much fruit than your now. Because process is needed in this life. Without it, you’ll never reach your star. Your future. Your hope.

If you delay the process, tendency is you will suffer longer. You will be in discomfort for more years you can ever be. You’ll also delay the reward. If you advance the process, tendency is that the results you received are raw. It is given in a wrong season. And you will not enjoy it as much as it was created for. So if there is process, just accept it. Endure it. Because God already knows and He’ll see you through it. Through the process of becoming better and becoming more like Him. You can.


5 thoughts on “Pro-cess

  1. They say experience is the best teacher.. and process gives us the experiences we need.. but we should not always experience what we have to learn.. process also helps us do that, we learned from the experience of others.. Process of waiting, process of observing, process of everything.

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