You May Quit

Quit believing everything is under your control. Quit fixing things on your own. Quit thinking you can do it all. Because the thing is, you can’t. You may do something about it, but nothing will really change. Don’t get a grip of something you don’t own in the first place. You’ll just end up with pain. Take your time for this.

Quit being the hero you will never be. You are not strong enough, wise enough and good enough. Don’t think highly of yourself. You may fall from your own sky. You may drown in your own sea. You have limits. You make mistakes, a lot. You fail, and you lose. It’s hard, I know. Take your time to see a hero for yourself.

Quit pressuring yourself. Nothing good will come out of it. Don’t cloud yourself with expectations above expectations. You may never reach them. The reality is, the world puts just a little effort to bring us down. You add up a mountain to it. Be still. Push yourself to limit, and not into barriers. Take your time to give love for yourself.

Quit overthinking. Your own battle starts with your mind. Don’t figure everything out, it’s not possible. Leave some questions unanswered, some things unclear. It’s better that way. Use your brain for good and not for destruction. You may think you are right, but no one’s really judging you. Take your time to put some peace in mind.

Quit giving everything. The more you have nothing for yourself, the more likely you cannot give anymore. You are not the provider of your own family. Act like not the Source but a vessel. You also need to receive. It’s one great, selfless act. But darling, who do you want to please? Save some for yourself. Take your time to be filled again.

Quit staying where you are. Get out of your comfort zone. Do not be blinded by convenience, comfort and ease of what surrounds you. Go for what challenges you. Go for what you fear. If you want a different result, go for a place that is new to you. Seek for the place you’ll serve your purpose. Take your time to let go and move on.

Quit longing for people. Some aren’t meant to stay, because soon enough they will be the ones to hinder you from your call. So stop running towards them. The relationship they’ve had with you was enough to get you both from growing. Keep the memories, not the person. You’ll be okay. Take your time to release those faces.

Quit justifying your own actions. You are a judge of no one, not even yourself. You don’t have to defend yourself to another over and over again. If they don’t like you, so be it. The feeling’s mutual right? They may judge you and criticize you over what you did, or how you act, but that’s not you. Take your time to redeem your true identity.

Quit worrying. You don’t want anymore wrinkles around your forehead, do you? Stop living your life ahead. Stop embracing uncertainties, and start looking for breakthroughs. You don’t live in the future. You live in the now, and sure make it count. Save yourself from trouble. Take your time to be calm and be present.

Yes, you may quit. Stop losing yourself. God wanted to redeem the time you’ve wasted because He alone can. Everything you can’t, He can. Trust only in Him. Time is in your hands. You’ve got a faithful timekeeper here – His name is Jesus.


7 thoughts on “You May Quit

  1. Waaaaah. This hits home!!!! These were the things I’ve been battling for the 1st 6 months of the year. Thank you! Thank you for this! ❤❤❤❤❤

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  2. Waaaahhhh, feeling ko po ako ung sinulatan niyo dito sa article na itu. Hihi. Pero pano ko po ba magagawa ung “Quit Giving Everything” kung ako lang po talaga ang aasahan?? 😦 Hehe, eniweys, na-inspire po ako dito. Keep on writing po Ati, para may i-keep on reading si aku. Love love. Oha, ang FC ko po noh? 😀

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