The silent prayer of my heart

I am not looking for a perfect love because I have already experienced that. The kind of love that comes from above that no one and no thing can equate.

I want a true love despite of all the flaws and shortcomings.

I know I am ready to meet you and I am still waiting for you, yet I am trusting the author of love more to reveal you to me in His time. I am embracing this season of singleness for a moment with a deep hope in my heart that one day, someone will tell me that I am the one that God had told him to pursue.

I am trusting this season for I know it shall come to pass. It is so worth it because it was founded in prayers. It is a mutual prayer of two whole-person in Christ who will be in one accord according to His will and blessing.

To my future man, I may far from perfection but I am giving my best shot for God’s glory. I am still a work in progress and I always allow God to work in me according to His purpose and calling. I am not too much. If God gave me to you. I am always be enough for you. Don’t be discouraged. I deserve you and you deserve me, that’s why God will entrust my heart to you. Don’t worry! You always have God at your back. He is already building you up to me even if you are still nameless and faceless to me and that’s okay, I am still waiting and faithful to you.

Continue doing what you’re doing and I will do mine as well. In due time, you will not do it alone, I will be there with you and I know there will be a time too that I will not do things on my own. I know I have you to help and be with me to do things even if you know that I can do it alone because you know we can do it better.

For now, let’s grow more in the Lord individually so if He then allow it to happen, we are both ready to have each other. I believe, you will find me right where I am.


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