I’ll speak for you

I feel you.
You didn’t see that coming, did you?
And I’m here to tell you this:

Breathe in. Breathe out.
It’s okay not to be okay.
You hear voices all around you.
You listen to them just enough.
You don’t know what really happened.
You even don’t know what’s going on.
But one thing is certain.
One happening has sucked all that energy from you.
The loss of someone – nothing worse could you have wished to happen.
The loss of a father – and a role figure.
Your heart shouts for justice.
Yet words seem to be lacking.
Nothing can define the pain you feel.
Nothing even came close to this moment.
You feel numb.
You feel nothing.
You feel suffocated by the rush of everything.
Be still.
Stand still.
Pause for a moment.
You need it.
Start to think.
Start to feel.
Start to speak.
Release it all.
I’m here to listen.
Cry your heart out.
Let the world hear you.
Let the Word heal you.
What did you feel?
Were you angry?
Let Him know.
Complain to Him.
This isn’t the life you see.
This isn’t the life you deserve.
Were you confused?
Question Him.
This isn’t what He promised.
This isn’t what He wanted.
Were you hurt?
Surrender it to Him.
You don’t want this to define you.
You don’t want this to predict your future.
Were you afraid?
Take courage from Him.
You know you are stronger than this.
You know He is greater than this.
Were you troubled?
Seek Him.
His plans for you will never change.
His love for you will stay the same.
Take refuge in Him.
Cover yourself with His embrace.
Take time for yourself.
This will be a long trip.
Spend time with Him.
Get all you possibly can.
Then go out.
Don’t be shy.
You didn’t do a crime.
Face everyone.
You are not standing on your own strength.
You know that.
Someone’s watching you from above.
Someone’s watching you here.
You wish you need not do this, but you should.
You must.
No one will be able to do this but you.
Show them what you’ve got.
Show them Jesus.
You are not well.
But you’re in peace.
You didn’t understand everything.
But you trust Him.
This may be harder that you thought.
To share this pain and loss with people.
To be exposed to the open.
To be judged.
To be given help.
To cry over and over again.
To grieve.
To lose heart.
To lose strength.
But you never lose.
He never loses.
You can do it.
Nothing is too hard for Him.
Of course, for you too.
I trust you.


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