For real

How many times have we become so interested and excited to new things, people, places and even feelings? From the time we were born, new things seem endless. There’s always a new taste to crave, a place to visit, a person to admire and a feeling to nurture. It looks like new things are beauty for us. It’s easy to replace the old with the new. But here’s the thing. How many times then those new things become a permanent part of our lives? Quite worthy of reflection, right?

It’s so cliche to say change is the only thing permanent in our lives and it would always be a part of this world. But what’s more cliche is to think that you do not need those, and you prefer to stay the same.

I remember when it’s my first day to school, I would gladly open my notebooks and bring out my newly-sharpened pencils. It was wonderful, I felt really studious and wanting to learn everything in an instant. Why? Because I have new supplies.

Then there’s a new classmate in high school. I was happy to see a new face around the campus, and have another friend to build connection with. Time’s often short between us. There’s always more to tell, more to share and more laughs to hear. Why? Because I need to know more about my new friend.

And as you know, college life has been a whole new level of learning. We had encountered many experiences from different places. One day, we’re fond of food trips and one moment later we found ourselves planning for hiking and camping trips. Adventure’s the word. We were never contented where were at. Why? Because we wanted great memories, and a lot of first times.

Then as we continue to journey together, we build relationships to people around us. Some stayed, some left. More so, a lot happened in between. But we ought to think, we cannot handle it.

I felt happy when some people remained by my side. Along the seasons of life, and through hardships and success, they chose to stay. Yet I also felt happy when some decided to abandon me. Along the pain, they knew I don’t need them anymore and they made that choice for me – I thought they were wrong but that made me better.

By that time, I never imagine new people can be a lot engaging to me than I thought it would be. Whenever I met someone, I was so glad to introduce myself. Why? Because I want new friends. Whenever I knew someone, I was so glad to keep them. Why? Because I want old friends. Whenever I trusted someone, I was so glad to open up my heart. Why? Because I want real friends.

So that’s the risk. You risk being vulnerable to someone new for the sake of friendship. Only to be left hanging because that new friend found something new – someone better than you. And I hate to say, that happens to me a lot. But that doesn’t mean, I was for it. But I wasn’t against too.

What matters is that you’re real. Real people attract real friends. Real people welcome change. For good and for bad, real people face reality with courage. So I dare you to be real. Real before change happens. Real when change happens. Stay real even after the change.

So if you want me, be real. Even if you only want me for the moment, say it. Then I would not hope for something more than that. Why? Because I’m real to you.


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