I wonder, man.

“If today I will receive a rose, a bear and a cross, I will tender my resignation right away.”

One dear friend of mine ended her work experience from her previous employer after getting all these signs. Viola! She had received a rose, a bear and a cross from people she wouldn’t even expect getting them from. So what, right? For most of you who can relate, the happening of these signs is a message of agreement from the universe itself. It is as if everything has conspired to tell you to do things your way. And you having faith with it, has decided to continue.

I will not agree, and will not disagree either. But the funny thing about these signs and wonders is that they show the real and true condition of your heart just before making those petition.

Imagine yourself about to make a huge decision. Let’s say you are torn between choosing to work abroad to earn more money or to continue working locally and earn just enough. Then you form a sign. When it rains tomorrow, you’ll go abroad to work and if not, you’ll stay. And the day came. You know you’re expecting something to happen. What is it? Do you like this day to be a sunny one or a rainy one? You’ve already decided. Your heart beats faster with every second. You’ve already know what you wanted.

No need to confirm it buddy.

We are so delusional in thinking things are bound to happen. We believe definite events in our life have been destined from the beginning. Yet we forgot, we are the ones who decide. We are the ones given the life to live. We confirm what will happen to us. We set our pace before anyone else. No one else, but us. Not the universe. Not the signs. Not the wonders. Not the happening of events. Not even the miracles.

Buddy, you lead your life.

Your values determine your choices. You always go with them. What weighs more in your decisions, usually set your direction. Your priorities are of big importance to you in arriving to that conclusion. You may still doubt it, but you know you have peace in it. Your heart is 100% on it. You may still question it, but you know you will end up having the same decision over and over again. Your mind speaks for it.

But as we grow older and become more mature, we experience the need to have confirmation from others before deciding for ourselves. We pass the ball to a more powerful supreme being. We let them decide. But that is not right. How can you be responsible for something accounted by someone? It will not be possible.

We may think we are alone in this journey if not for the approval of many. But we are wrong. We only have one audience. He is God. He is extremely happy to be involved in your daily decisions in life. He is more than passionate to help you choose the path you should take. More so, He knows everything but He lets you decide. He has given us free will – a freedom which no one can take away. And that only we can access and experience.

So the next time you’re about to make a decision, trust yourself. Trust the One who carries you through. He knows better than anyone else. You are in good hands. You are safe. He is trustworthy. You are. Give signs a break. Maybe bid farewell to them if you may. Because from now on, you’re responsible for you. You’re accountable to you. Only you.


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