My comfy friend

I was always comfortable with you, but not with the circumstances.

Whenever I found myself lacking, you found me complete. You never hesitate to see through me, and introduce whom you see. That is me. In this time where people are made up of the clothes they wear, gadgets they use, degree they hold, or even friends they’re with, I admit sometimes, I lost myself. I lost myself with how people see me, and I completely forgot who I am. Circumstances may fail to remind me I have you in my life, but I thank you for knowing me first – before judging me like everyone else. I will keep your words in my mind and in my heart.

Whenever I found myself weak, you found me strong. You see the good in every thing I do, even when results won’t show it. I was not confident with myself and it shows. People often expect highly of me and I came to my limit. I cannot reach the woman they wanted me to be. I begun to disappoint them, and I don’t want it anymore. I wanted to be free and off of their chains. Circumstances may prevent me from communicating with you in this season of my life, but I thank you for lifting me up. I will consider your advice and counsel all the time.

Whenever I found myself struggling, you found me increasing. You know these events happen to me with a purpose. Many times, I see challenges amplifying in front of me. I take them as they are, and became disengaged with my faith journey. I started to isolate myself and carry the burden alone – only to find out it’s never helping. There’s no more to give, and I need a refill. Circumstances may not allow you to accompany me anymore, but I thank you for making yourself available all the time. I will remember all those happy memories you’ve shared with me.

Whenever I found myself numb with the foolish ways of the world, you found me attractive. You appreciate the small efforts I’ve come to give, regardless of the countless times this has happened. When I humble myself before anyone, they tend to abuse me and take everything they can out of me. Fully I serve, empty I leave. I don’t know how the system works anymore and if it still has me. Circumstances may provoke me to stay away from you, but I thank you for appreciating me. I will not change a thing to what was happened to us and I promise you I’d stay the same.

Whenever I found myself tired of waiting, you found me patient. You insist I was never wrong of knowing my season, and desiring it when it comes. The world runs in an instant and somehow I looked for things that will benefit me in the quickest time possible. Because time is like a penny you spend. When it’s all used up, you expect a gain already. When I feel it, I think that must be it. Oh, sweet love. Circumstances may choose to erase you in my memories, but I thank you for loving me. I will surely encounter love someday soon, and it will be real and authentic. After yours.

When I found myself friendless, you found me one. You offer yourself. You want to be friends with me more than anyone else. And many times I asked myself why, why this friendship started with such complication. If relationships are made to be broken, how much more between friends? I’ve experienced enough to let my self in to another pit. But I think you proved me wrong. Circumstances may make us uncomfortable with each other, but I thank you for the friendship. I will definitely bring this gift with me in my grave and look forward to another.

And yes, this may just be a preview of our friendship but for all those days, I wanted you to know I’ve experienced the great you and I have met a real friend – my comfy friend.


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