His Heart

Dear One,

I know you miss him. I know you cried last night. I know everything. I know what you did in that room. I know how badly you want to see him. I know your pain. I feel your hurt. I looked into your heart and I see a hole. I see an empty space. But it’s not for him though. It’s for me to fill. So let me. Will you?

How many times have you long for someone who won’t ever feel the same way towards you? Yes, they’re your friends but that doesn’t mean they would be – forever. Maybe they shared a lot of memories with you. I can see you missed those. You missed the people in those pictures. You missed the setting. In fact, you missed everything.

But last night, I saw a different you. I counted your tears. I weighed your feelings. You’ve had enough. You hate feeling that way. You hate admitting you’ve loved them more than they have loved you. You’ve cared for them more than they cared for you. You missed them a lot, without them missing you. I saw it all. And I have loved you even more.

I was in pain, too. Can’t you see? I was longing for you. Long before I have made you. I’ve cared for you, long before you know me. I’ve loved you, long before you were born. And now, do I hate you? I will never. Because I live just for you. I have loved you even more, knowing all these things. I have designed you for this purpose. I am watching you.

I know you messaged him. You have expressed your feelings again. You got no reply. You were thinking how to undo things. You can’t help but to blame yourself even more. You think you are so vulnerable. You believe you’re weak. I know it all. I am beside you. I was there, calling you. Did you hear Me? Oh dear, please listen.

I knew those days will come into pass. I’ve already been there. I have not made any mistake in creating you. Not a single one. You are perfect in my eyes. I’ve designed you just the way you are – a soft, tender woman. You are My very own image. You mirrored My heart. You have a passion for building relationships, and not only that. You drew people closer to Me.

Feel the pain. Surrender them all to Me. I will withstand any trials and challenges that come your way. In fact, it is finished. I cannot promise you a life without sufferings because you need to endure long. But I have promised you this: I will never leave you nor forsake you. You have My word. You know I’m true to them. I don’t want you to miss this.

I do not want for you to get hurt, but somehow you will be. It’s okay, I’m here with you. So don’t you dare call it a weakness. Give until it hurts. Love without holding nothing back. I’ve done them for you. You must too. Be the woman I created you to be. It’s your strength. I made it that way. Just remember, I’m the One to complete you. Not them.

Just like last night. Have you felt it? I gave you My embrace. You felt different. You were crying for a moment, and you ended up sleeping peacefully. I have tucked you to rest. That’s what you needed. Do not try with your efforts alone. Let’s do this together.

Many times, you’ll feel the same. But don’t dwell on those feelings. It’s temporary. Lead them to pursue greater things. Let them be your drive to love even more. Because you have experienced authentic love. A love that overflows, and cannot be contained. That is My love for you.

You grow stronger with the hurt. Your faith becomes bigger with those emptiness. You have been more like Me. And that is My very heart for you.

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