Happy Mother’s Day!

You are a mother. You are my mother. You are our mother.

Having a mom like you is heaven itself. You offer the best service and love not anyone can freely give. Only you can. Only you do. Why? Because you are a mother. It’s already in you. It’s who you are. And I have never been so vocal about it. So these things are for you. I could write thousands more, but these fifty would do for now.

50 Things We Love About You, Mama!

1. You are simple. You appreciate trivial things. You loved them. It’s not really hard to please you. Except for boys, I guess? (so you know who’s talking here)
2. You wake up early in the morning to sleep beside me. Not only it brings discomfort and inconvenience for you, but you see it as a way to love me. Passionately.
3. You wash my clothes (still). Happy as I get whenever I had known you washed them already, but still I appreciate it. It’s hard but you managed it well. Love you.
4. You cook me breakfast. I guess you’re really worried for me being hungry at times, so you look forward in seeing me eating in the morning before I leave. Hands up.
5. You prepare my lunch meal everyday. I am so proud to eat them during break, because I had my cook prepared it for me. Not everyone have. But you always do.
6. You always accompany me. Be it in the street, in the city hall, to my doctor, in granny’s house – You’re just there. Walking and chatting beside me, clingy woman.
7. You buy me food (lots of it). You may sometimes forget what I want but you always try to find them. You’re sad when I can’t eat them. And sad when I finished them.
8. You’re a natural joker. Everybody will agree. You see, I can be crazy at times but I know I got it from you. Seriously mama, I have my most genuine laughs with you.
9. You love your parents dearly. And I loved them too. You just modeled the perfect daughter, and I wanted to be one too. I see and feel everything you gave them.
10. You are loud and noisy. Or most mothers I knew, I think. But who can judge you? It’s your asset, and it’s wonderful. Just sometimes, you repeat yourself. Or a lot.
11. You account everything for our good. Price tags? You knew them. Bills? You had computed them. Seriously everything is counted already. Every dime. Wow.
12. You kiss me (until I am embarrassed). I love it, I do. But not when you do it. Haha. Sometimes, you’re gross and I felt ticklish. Try to be tender and calm, okay?
13. You are always showing affection. Every time is a sweet time for you. No opportunity lost for you to care and be a mother to us. I had that from you too.
14. You are emotional. Maybe it’s your age but at second thought, it’s your DNA. How I love when you are extremely happy and how I fear when you’re the opposite. Ow.
15. I get a lot of hugs from you. Not only are they big, but also tight and suffocating. Yes, I really do feel warm by then. I felt special and cared for. And I want more.
16. You just know me. After my Creator, you can also narrate my life. Who am I as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter, as a student, as a girl. Everything about me.
17. You are honest. You say everything you feel, everything you think as of the moment. You hide nothing and that’s what I admire from you. Because your beauty surfaces.
18. You are my best friend. How blessed I am to have both a mother and a best friend in one person. I know not everybody does, and so I am thankful. Can I call you “bes?” Haha.
19. You are my favorite. Yes. Not a favorite mother, that’s silly. Because you are only one. So I what I mean to say is you’re my favorite person on earth. No ifs and buts, just you.
20. You clean my room. Twice a week? Even if I can. Even if I should. Because all you care is that I need to sleep comfortably for the next couple of days without hair strands. All.
21. You open my phone (when I am not around). This is not ironic, but this is true. I know you’re curious who’s messaging me, chatting me or even calling me. I’ll tell you, promise.
22. You miss me (a lot). During morning and afternoon breaks. During lunch time and when I have dates and appointments. You’ll message me and just type, “Poknaaay.”
23. You like my posts (even when you don’t understand them). They’re English not because I hate Tagalog but I can express more in that language. Will work on that.
24. You share my blog. (more!) You’ve been supportive ever since. You’ve been irritated maybe, for some requests but you still do it. Please share this piece mom. It’s about you.
25. You are proud of me. I can tell. To whatever, wherever I am. You’d brag about me to your friends and relatives. That’s exactly what I’m doing now. So proud of you mama!
26. You’re annoyed with me (sometimes). And mostly for my lazy days during weekends. Sorry mom, can’t help it. But I got annoyed with you sometimes. So it’s fair and square.
27. Your laugh makes you cry. All of the time, and I got that from you too. We’re not bipolar but we can express two extreme emotions at the same time. Talented us, right?
28. You’re getting old (and so your memories). I may have told you a couple of times and you still insist I haven’t. It’s okay mom. I will be patient. Just like you when I was a kid.
29. You are confident (even when you’re wrong). In an interesting manner. Your heart is so genuine and pure, we can’t help but to laugh and be irritated at the same time. Hm.
30. We are always your first priority. You wouldn’t want to hang-out with your friends, because no one’s going to prepare us a meal or babysit us for like two hours. Go mom.
31. You let me be myself. I have never heard of anything absurd from you saying I should do this, I should wear that and I should be in that place. I am more than enough for you.
32. You wanted to know every details of my life. You dig deep into the most untouched areas of my heart and just listen to what I got to say. I always love our small talks, btw.
33. You are cute (really?). Questionable because for me, it’s more than cute. You are adorable and lovable just like dogs. Oh no, typo error. Just like me! You happy? Haha.
34. You are moody (because of menopause). I hate to rub it in for you, but I had accepted it. We’ll just understand and bear it with you. It’s not dangerous, is it? Not.
35. You share your secrets with me. And I always feel trustworthy. I mean it’s thrilling we have secrets in our own but it’s cooler I got mom to say this. Not gonna tell them, surely.
36. We can bully you. I don’t think you let us, but still we do. I don’t think you know about it, but still we do. This is fun mom, trust me. So just let us be! I got dad’s permission, anyway.
37. You are selfless. You go beyond loving yourself. You put others lives before yours. You are much willing to engage to someone’s needs than yours. You really mother well.
38. You don’t give up on us. Even if we do. There’s nothing more that could give us life than you. Because all we need is you. Your love and your life. Thank you for being still.
39. You become tired but you continue. There are moments you hesitate to work for more because you don’t have the energy at all. But your heart always lead you. Aye!
40. You shine when you smile. You may not have the perfect teeth, but you have the perfect smile. It’s inviting and contagious. You bring joy and happiness to us. Smile!
41. We don’t feel home without you. Our house is empty without you mom, even if it’s just 5 minutes. The atmosphere is gloomy, lacking and uncomforting. You’re our home.
42. You are chatty (everytime). You will forget everything you’re about to do when someone starts to talk to you in the corner of the street. Just buy before you say hi.
43. You’re addicted to photos (or me). I’m not fond of selfies anymore but when I took pictures of us, you’ll always insist for more. I guess you just take me for a beauty. Ikr.
44. You love sweet food. Sweet as you are. Sweet as you eat. Chocolates, cakes, ice cream – name them. But when you started to crave for them, nothing’s gonna last.
45. You’re happy with a Turks treat. And I like it the way you do. Just put out veggies aside, and we’ll order for ourselves. Looking forward to more Turks night with you!
46. You insist ‘take home’ for ‘take out’. Oh dear, no need to admit it. Everybody already knows. But still, we accept you. And we love that about you. Right papa? Right bro? Hey!
47. You’re not afraid to commit mistakes. Because you learn from them. And you teach me the same way. What matters is who you’ve become after those. You’re still a mother.
48. You are strong and brave. You bear powers more than Wonder Woman. It’s innate from you. You think you’re weak but you’re not. We feel protected with you. You can.
49. You love God. It’s more than a faith but a testimony. You molded us the way He wanted to. You have a reward, mom. Not just in heaven but on earth. We are. Mwah!
50. You give birth to us. 9 months is long enough to prove your endless sacrifices and sleepless nights. But it didn’t stop you there. Until now, you keep giving birth to us.

We’ve said it all mom. Just know that we are thankful to have you. We love you forever!
-Lariz and Ezek

12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Napakasweeet! So ngayon gets ko na kung bakit may reporting kay mother pag uwi. Ang sweet nito Iza!!! Hope to meet your mom! 😍😍 Happy mother’s day!

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