To my doctor

How many persons have looked up to you? How many patients saw their hearts through your eyes? How many people bothered not to look down on their selves again after talking to you? You are a blessing. You are a gift to us.

Little did I know my life will be diagnosed in my consultation with you. Your passion brings healing, restoration and peace – far better than the profession you had. You treated me not only physically but mentally, emotionally and socially. Your kind words and golden wisdom is what I need for the moment. It is as if you knew me from the time I was born. Those words brought life to me as a woman. You know me, don’t you? Thank you. Teary-eyed as I seem, I begun to appreciate everything. My parents, my profession, my life.

Your small gestures and touch, perfectly fits mine. I loved them. It exposes me to your deeper care and comfort. I was uplifted. I was encouraged. God has used you not only because of your profession but also your obsession in establishing and building relationships with the people around you. I felt safe.

Your life has made me shine than ever. I wanted to share the same joy and excitement with others as I touch their lives too. You make me want to explore new things and horizons before me. You recognized my worth and value me as your own. I am grateful for those 30 minutes we shared. I’ll come back for sure.


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