You are no villain

I am no hero to tell you that you’re not. Every season in our life is a story of a hero and a villain. For once, we’ve done enough good to think we’ve compensate for this life. For once, we’ve done bad more than the good we think we have contributed. That’s very human, a normal one. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.


I have come to meet several people with different extreme personalities and preferences. I had appreciate both the good and bad. Why? Because I’m no angel too. I understand that sometimes our choices and decisions override our life’s principles and values, neglecting them all the way. We do it for some reasons, may it be personal, financial, or career. Regardless, we do it somehow for some time. I’m no villain too. I always wanted to make the right decisions. My motives are genuine and for good. Regardless, we aim to contribute for the betterment of this world for some time.


That’s why I’m telling you this. You are no villain. If people say you are, don’t trust their words. You know who you are. You are no less than a person created for a purpose. You made mistakes, yes, but those don’t define you. Set yourself free. Free of guilt, condemnation and ridicule. You are who you are. Let no one despise your identity. Don’t let the past dictate your future. You matter. You are significant. Choose to be free. Turn away from wrong doings, because you can. You are able. You master your own life. No one holds your world. You are the apple of God’s eyes.


You are a hero to you alone.


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