Do Over

How can one mistake caused a person’s downfall? I mean, we’re human and we know we are possible to commit mistakes. So if by any means we commit them, we deserve another chance to have a do over. But most people believe it’s not possible for Steve Harvey to undo what had happened in the Miss Universe 2016 Coronation Night. Yeah, it was a hard and difficult mistake to commit but nothing’s ever change. It is still an accident that just suffers bigger consequences and affect a lot of people.

That moment when Miss Philippines was crowned Miss Universe 2016 in a very unusual situation, I thought of how fulfilling it would be to go back time and never commit the wrong. The host has declared the right winner and everything fall on its proper places. No false hopes, no guilty feeling, no losing career and no headlines for the day. If we were just been given a power to change what had happened, will the day be different and more peaceful?

I remember my first time to learn how to ride a bicycle. Every morning, my father would patiently love to teach me one step at a time. It was my birthday and all I wanted was a bicycle. I couldn’t ask for more. That moment, I am convinced that it’s my best day ever! But for a matter of two hours, things change that fast. I am so regretful to have been wounded by my precious gift. I fell from my bicycle and hit my knees so hard down the road. I was crying and crying, and I couldn’t keep my tears from falling. I was bursting with pain and all I wanted now is to rest. For two weeks or so, I can’t find the courage to learn cycling all over again. What I had in mind is that if I could turn back time, I had wished for other present instead of the bicycle one. Then I thought, no wounds would ever leave scars to my knees and caused so much pain.

Same goes to you. Some of us have regretted a lot of things wishing they just never happened. We wanted to live life perfectly but we also want the challenge of life’s unpredictability. If I were not to experience that cycling learning sessions, I would have not be a good biker and I would not have thought of how good it is to go places alone. By that, I learn to hold on enough to gear towards directions and be still in spite of rocky roads and narrow places. That is because I tried. Simply, I had. And I do really have the best day ever!

Yes. Heartaches and broken hearts come with the most fulfilling experiences and lessons in life. If you are not to experience pain and hurt, then your world will be miserable as it was before. Nothing will ever change. Nothing will ever made an impact in your life. Nothing will ever be remembered. Just a constant run of life, and you are enough. You get to wake up each morning with the same routine, with the same pace and with the same results. Boring.

So if you wanted to have a do over in life, just remember you need to do something you still haven’t done before if you wanted a different result. But the question is, do you really want it?


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