30-minute walk

I love walks. Better when shared.
I love walks. Especially when it’s windy.
I love how it feels when my hair flips.
I love how the direction of the wind contradicts me.
I love to see people from afar and observe them up close.
I like the fact that I am with a lot of them.
Not really alone.
I thought it’s not so distant when we traveled together.
But now that I am alone, it felt like I walked a thousand miles.

I wish I could have taken a photo there.
I hope we could have stopped there.
It’s so fun to be isolated just once.
I wish I could have walked slower.
I wish I could have sit there.
I could smell the sea from here.
I was scared yet I continued to walk.
I come to think, did we walked across from here?
I didn’t know where I was so I followed the crowd.

The scenery was nice.
I was under the trees.
I dared to go to a higher place.
I am the only solo from up here.
The third escalator got stuck.
I guess my fats will decrease by an inch.
It’s so nice here.
What a windy night!

I had fun but I know I need to stop right here.
God has lead me to the same path, or the right path I should say.
Either ways, I won’t forget how I had felt through the journey.
No more making of memories from where I walked.
Let’s leave it there.

PS. I held the tears so hard, it had still melt my eyes.
This is not to make you uneasy and guilty, but just to say I know this is right.


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