Woman, what a pure and genuine heart you have. How many persons were you able to open up doors to that beating thing inside? Are they all worth the space? Dearest, I know you’re overflowing with love but it doesn’t mean you’ll give them all away. Save some for yourself. You need not give love on everyone who showed nice things to you because I can tell, not everyone will stay. Not everyone will try to know the pieces of your heart and appreciate them. Not everyone will give you the care you wanted to have the most. Not everyone will see you as a strong woman you are. Not everyone you called a friend will live up to that label.

For some aren’t meant to stay. Some will leave you hanging on the dreams and promises you both shared. Some will not bother to keep the relationship you’ve worked hard to last. Some will slowly kill you by ignoring your messages and efforts to communicate. There will even be some who’ll act like you’re nothing to them. Do not be shocked, dear. Everything is going smoothly as planned. Everything is under control. Let me tell you this.

Dearest, you have a will that’s mightier than the waves of the ocean. You’ll get through these. It’s just a dot on a white piece of paper. You will not be any less of a woman because of these. For a moment, feel the pain. Cry the hurt you have. Shout your anger and disappointments. Someone up there needs those. He wanted you to be anew, and be molded to be a better person. Give Him your tears, sleepless nights and painful memories. He promised to make something “good” out of them.

You are not alone in this. You also have the one writing this letter for you. The universe has conspired to journey you on the wonderful and blessed life you deserve. But surely, greater sufferings await you. Yet you’ll be more courageous to deal with these things. Live up to the woman you wanted everyone to remember. The woman who loves beyond the boundaries and standards of the world, that when she felt betrayed-she would not doubt to give more. Because for her, love will be her armor.


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