When will it be my turn?

When will someone crack jokes for me in an unpredictable time? Enumerating all possible jokes he could make just to make me smile. Ha ha, funny!

When will someone write something for me, or an article of a sort. Describing where and how we met. Remembering all the things we did together.

When will someone hold my hand firmly? Making me feel secured, protected and guarded throughout the journey. Trusting me not to let go.

When will someone reserve a seat for me? May it be in a cinema theatre, bus or a random picnic place? Thinking I had to always be with him.

When will someone call me just to listen to my voice? A pleasant disturbance would mean a world to me. Just the thought of it, wow.

When will someone wait for me? Wait for me to reach the office, have my lunch meal, make my time out, just wait. Patiently. I need that character right now.

When will someone introduce me to his friends and relatives? Acknowledge me as a family to be acquainted too, and to mingle with. The bigger, the better.

When will someone smile because of me? Just the sight of me, my presence and my existence. I know I’m sure Someone up there has prearranged this already.

But when?

When will it be my turn to love and be loved romantically? Celebrating the love Someone has demonstrated. Love rooted deeply in Him.

When will it be my turn posting a photo with my man in social media adding some cheesy captions and emojis all over the place? It’s really worth the wait.

When will it be my turn to have someone to pray with, grow spiritually with and serve God with? One is enough. But two makes it better.

When will it be my turn to testify for the patience and longing I encountered for all those times of waiting? I am still waiting.

When will it be my turn to be a woman, gentle, soft and vulnerable having already been romanced by a strong man ready to conquer the world with me?

When is an unpredictable word, yet Jesus was sure of it. He’s been there already.


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