What good is there in life?

Traffic’s irritating. Bus are nowhere to be found. You’re late, and exhausted. You are yet to report to office, and you already look like hell. Is there anyway this situation could be worse? How about be thankful that you woke up this morning. You have another day to create history, and live life. Have you seen that cheerful child smiling under the bridge? Or that fellow in the bus you’re in sleeping peacefully with his tongue out without caring at this fact at all? Does it make you excited that your boss is not to be seen today in the office? There’s always good in life.

Rain’s pouring hard. Wind is blowing off you hair, and skirt, and your hair again. You’re soaking wet. He’s late. You looked at your phone and there’s no message from him. Where the hell is he, you think. Is there anyway not to longer wait on him? How about singing in the rain?  It’s the perfect moment to showcase your talent, oh and not that voice. Then you’ll see him holding a big umbrella. He’s been wanting to share this with you. He said sorry. And you just laugh, because you love him. You realize it’s alright to wait. As long as he’s the one to appear in front of you. There’s always good in life.

You went home. You are dreadfully tired. No one’s around. No food on the table. You just wanted to go straight to bed and sleep. There’s a knock in the door. And you wanted to disappear. It’s your brother. You sigh, what more responsibilities you can handle at such a young age? Hey, open the door. He has brought you something- your favorite candies. He has brought it with the few pennies your mother had gave him. He kissed you and hugged you! What more comfort do you want? No long hours of sleep could be tantamount to that. There’s always good in life.


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