No rewind

Men, these are just my opinion. And I pray it will change.

Men speak so easily of a hundred words. Yet most of the times, they didn’t mean those. They just wanted peace for the moment. They wanted an exit or maybe a setback. Unfortunately, words are seeds that grow as time passes by. It develops its roots in our hearts, that became memories to last forever. It touches the soul and nourish our emotions and feelings. This could be joy, sadness, anger or anxiety. But more over, it can kill us inside. Words empty spoken leave the other party hanging on the other side.

Men act differently when they wanted to be. They could appear to you as caring as you need them to be. They would promise the stars and the moon for you, acting as sweet as lover can be. He is in to you for the moment but when life hits hard to both of you, you find him struggling to be with you. He suddenly changes, or did they. Only to find out their true colors after being exposed in the shadows of darkness. Then all you have are memories once again. The reality breaks in front of you, and you have to deal with them.

Men tend to think differently than women. They see things as they appear to be. They did not know how to read between the lines, or interpret a woman’s behavior. But most importantly, they can divert our intention to what they needed for us to be. They cannot differentiate between a lie and a truth. Because they wanted more lies to be a reality than most truth to be authentic. They play games. They wanted to know how you’d feel, act at the moment. Then they judge you. They no longer wanted to be with you. And memories are all you have.

Women are the exact opposite. And I pray it will stay the same.

Women value every words they utter. She made sure every letter spoken comes from her heart. What’s funny is that the less words she speak, the more words she kept inside. Listen to her. She may not able to tell you directly, or verbally but she’s been struggling to expose them without being selfish. She wanted to release the words as soon as she knows you can hear it, that you can act upon it. Because the least that she wanted, are those words be wasted after taking so much courage to fire and aim them. You just need to hear her out.

Women are a reflection of their actions. You will find them being true to you as soon as you let them be. They will no be ashamed of showing anxiety, rudeness and craziness for small things. They welcome you in their world without fear of you ruining it. They are open for you, always wanting what’s best for you. It doesn’t matter what they’re feeling for the moment, but what they truly wanted is that you be happy with them. The most sincere and genuine acts are made by women. Just so you know.

Women are selfless. They have a hobby of pretending everything’s okay, for the sake of the temporary happiness they will treasure with you. They always understand. They are always being patient. They were hurt more, yet always give more. They love you as unending as love can be. They won’t regret anything just to have you. It’s because they see a lifetime in you. She never wanted this moment for a short period of time, but always believe that this could be a happily ever after. She wanted a reality of memories that you can give her.

But I lied. When I speak of men, I just pertain to you. When I speak of women, I know I model myself.

Life’s a cycle. But I pray for now, it’ll change its detours. I never wanted life to be the same again. If there’s anything constant, that is change. And I wanted change to happen. To both of us. Fearfully, it can be as you not wanting me anymore. Or fortunately, it can be as me wanting you more and more. For the meantime, let’s live our life separately. Let us grow into mature individuals God wanted us to be. No way we can ever be happy with one another if we’re not happy as single as we can be. Let’s pray for the both of us.


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