Give yourself a chance

Circumstances change for good. At first glance, you might think the opposite. But just now, just tonight, I believe so.

Give yourself a chance. It’s okay not to be okay. Pat yourself and say, “You got this. You always do.” Don’t push yourself to your limits. And don’t limit yourself either. You deserve where you are today, but it won’t determine where you’ll be tomorrow.

Give yourself a chance. You might had hurt someone you love and you feel terrible. There’s nothing you can do to change that fact. Damage has been done. In fact, severely done. But still try. Try to make up for everything you’ve done. People still forgive. In fact, I do.

Give yourself a chance. You might not end up having what you want. Strings get pulled every time. It’s not about what you don’t have, it’s about what’s left behind. Try to see first with your arm’s length, and not beyond the horizon.  Only then, you’ll begin to love the people you journey with. Believe me.

Give yourself a chance. Just like how some people continues to have faith in you. You are right when you say we didn’t understand exactly how you feel, but we are also right when we say to you that you’ve been staying there quite a long time now. It’s time to get up.

Give yourself a chance. You don’t get it from people you do life with, it will only be available from yourself. Decide who you wanted to  be. Live with a purpose. Don’t wait for miracles to happen. Seize the time you’ve been given and be the miracle you wanted to happen.

There’s beauty in people. It’s their insufficiency that makes us appreciate the wonder of life.


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