Nothing’s wrong. Nothing’s right either.

If I were to go back in time when I met you, I will never change what had happened. Seasons are rough but still, I have joy brought about by you.

If I had to choose the exact date and time when we became friends, I would gladly pick the same day my heart has been fluttered by you.

If nothing had been a hindrance to what we have now, I might not like it. This friendship is not special but it is real. This is what we exactly need for sure.

If I had been working on another company, I bet I really have good friends by now. But no better than the one reading this message.

If I hadn’t smile back then, will you be smiling back at me every time you catch a glimpse of me? Seriously, no. And I always admire that from you.

If I can have access to your thoughts, I think I would be surprised. Up till now you haven’t changed at all. You just always think.

If I were to share a lunch meal with you, I would still eat my packed lunch and caught surprised by the phone ringing. I just never know what to do as always.

If I’ll have the opportunity to reside somewhere other than my place, I would gladly make it a pass. Then you can never experience the trip I daily encounter.

If I hadn’t say yes to your invitation of a Turks treat, I would never have the chance to walk along side of the bay near a giant mall. I would never look forward on the same situation where I just walked.

If I got to believe in your feelings for me, then we would be strangers for a lifetime. Because then, you’ll hurt me more. But now that I haven’t given you access to this beating thing, you cannot hurt me more than the first time.

If I wasn’t able to listen with what you have to say, then you can never understand how I truly wanted to have peace with everyone. I wanted to be right with everybody.

If I never treated you bad sometimes, you will always remember the good side of me. And I don’t want that. Because I think, my bad side does me better all the time.

If I decided not to exchange messages with you, then I will never know how persistent you are. You’d rather be impatient than do nothing. That’s you.

If I have allowed you to hold my hands just once, then the thought of it will just consume me every time. I do not express love with touch, but I felt loved most of the time.

If I have loved you back, God will never be pleased with me as He is now. He knows I shouldn’t. He knows I am not worth every pain it will cause. It’s enough that you felt it. Just like that.

If I hadn’t known your eight years story, I would still be blinded by happy endings. I believe in eternity but what’s everlasting to man can be done by a split second when he chooses to. You’ll never know.

If you didn’t pursue me in the first place, then I would never know what it means to have a man confess his love for you right at your face.

If there hadn’t been a baby or a girl in the situation, you’ll never realize how fragile a woman’s heart is. I have been in my mother’s womb for nine months only to cry after 8 days someone has badly hurt me.

If I let this friendship end, then I can never satisfy myself with the same to another person. You cannot value one equally with another. It doesn’t work that way.


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