Brothers for life

What’s it like to have an older brother? You bet, I don’t know. Because I don’t have one, coming from our blood and family line. It was really my highest hope and prayer that somehow I have an older brother. But when I come to existence, I am the first born in the family killing all my chances to be the “bunso.” Yet, I am so grateful to be an “ate” to my most charming little brother. With all that, I believe God has still heard my desires and wishes and He made them all come to life. An older brother, you say? Well, I don’t have just one, but many of them. Let me share to you all my experiences with them.

When you have an older brother, he can sound so mean to you disguising the sweetest acts a man could ever give. He would be angry to you going home late, yet manage to give you a ride. He would complain that you live so far away, yet insist to drop you right at your front door.

When you have an older brother, you could relieve your stress all day long! I am admitting that having me is having a clingy thingy by your side at all times. Even I can get a hold of myself sometimes. When I am so stressed, depressed or frustrated with how things are going, I would bother the older brother I have. I would message him like crazy. Because doing those already helps me emotionally. And I guess iritate him somehow? Ha ha.

When you have an older brother, you talked about life with a much more wisdom than you had with some friends. He would tell you to live your life fully and make better decisions than he had. He would insist you go with the things you are happy with. He would remind you that he might not be there when you need help, and believes you can do all things on your own. He would definitely punch a man who will dare to break your heart. Oh well, be on the watch guys.

When you have an older brother, you would have someone who brags about you. He would be so proud of you with the little things and achievements you received. He would talk about you with his friends and family like you have done a miracle. You can say it’s exaggerating but it shows with the smile in his face. I may have done it, but I know he has contribute a lot to it. Because having an older brother, he would do all he can to lift you up and help you with the success you want to achieve.

When you have an older brother, he would remind you a lot of basic matters in life. He would tell you to eat on time, preserve the fats you have and then he’ll come with a mean name for you. He can become anxious that he would tell you not to sleep on a bus, and be more careful with your belongings. For that to happen, he’ll even make an effort to message and call you so that you’ll surely not forget everything he just said.

When you have an older brother, you bet I am jealous of you right now for having the real one. But I promise to introduce my so-called “older brothers” to you not for long. They may not be in my blood, but will always be in my heart.


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