Because of you

I believe men because of you. You have been a great husband ever since. I  never know how much one man can love another woman. You showed mom the true meaning of love. No day passes by without you expressing care and affection for her. Despite of all your differences, you still manage to appreciate her and love her flaws. You even made it possible to cook for her, clean up the house for her, and all that while you are busy at work. A simple gift means so much more when it’s from you. You laugh at her with love, and choose to lose every fight and battle because you dare to listen. I want the same love. You made my standards high that only you can reach it. I pray I would meet someone like you, dad.

I look up to men because of you. You’ve been a supportive father. You made sure you know what’s going on with school, work and our church duties. You always lean your arms for us in times of disappointments. You speak words of wisdom to us in times of confusion. You just embrace us and comfort us in times of troubles and challenges. Sometimes only our eyes meet, and you know I’ve been down. Then you’ll start playing my favorite movie. We’ll be ending up in the mall, because you know rest is the first thing I need. You’ll give me gifts, and tell a story just to make me smile. I won’t trade you for anything dad. You never know how much of an impact you left with my life.

I admire men because of you. You are not perfect, but you tried to be. I know your weaknesses and your frustrations. You made mistakes, a lot. But you know how to confess, and repent. You know how to make all those beautiful. You’ve been an excellent employee, and I pray you’ll receive your reward for that. You value people as important as your family. That’s how you are. You always believe in them. You are a great friend, in times of joy and lack. Men also admire you for that. Not only you reflect Jesus in your life, but you also bring out the best in every person you meet. You just know the right words to spill. You live life as if every day is your last. I trust you, dad.

I feel secured around men because of you. Dad, you still treat me as a little girl up to this day and I love it. When I was alone at night and I need to travel going home, you will see to it that you can accompany me. Even if you’re tired at work, and exhausted for the long day-you still choose to protect me. You will wake up early some mornings to cook breakfast and lunch meal for me. Even up to this age, you remind me to stay healthy. You’ll walk me in the streets, or ride a bus with me for a trip. I know I can do that much for you, but I thank you for doing it just because you love me. I may not have an older brother, a boyfriend, or men around me yet when I think of you, I know you’re all I need.

I respect men because of you. You dearly loved your parents. There are miscommunication and conflicts along the way, yet still you know that doesn’t change the fact they are your parents. You cared for them in your own little ways. They were always in your thoughts and in your plans. You may not be affectionate or expressing a lot of your feelings but I know because it shows. You care so much for them, and love them relentlessly. Not only that, but my mother’s parents as well. You treat them like your own, and even remind my mom in times about them. That’s how I know, my mom really picked such a great husband and a father. You’re everything, dad.

I pray for men because of you. Being a man in itself bears a huge responsibility and you model it perfectly. I pray for courage that whatever life might bring you, you’ll be able to withstand it holding the very principles Jesus has. I pray for strength to endure all the storms in life. I pray for wisdom that everything will be in order and in its proper place. I pray for peace in your heart, that calmness to see and act like the Father above. I pray for love to stretch and expand your being and be able to touch every men out there that they need to be the man God wanted them to be. I pray for you dad, simply because I thank God I have you and I love you so much I wanted to keep you as long as life can be.


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