As a friend

I would say friends are a family to me. Or in terms of priority, they hold the next place after my parents and brother. You see, I live in an environment that values friendship more than any other. And if I wanted to have good friends, I need to be one first. Yet what I discovered after two decades of making friends is that you cannot expect from the other to be the same. There will be many times that you’ll be betrayed, disappointed and abandoned by those you once treated as brothers and sisters.

I meet them regularly, or once in a year if schedules are really overlapping. I see to it that I know what’s happening to their lives and the matters of their heart. I don’t want a friendship built on laughter, enjoyment, and entertainment when eating and travelling together. I believe we need to be honest and accountable to each other. I share the joys of my success and pain from my challenges. That’s what I want. Distance may be in between us, but the wisdom and values of my friends remains in my heart. Likewise, too.

I treat them, if not saying it much. I would call it a lifetime treat because I would never know if I will have the chance to be with them the second time around. For the past few years, I’ve been so optimistic as to having them by my side forever. I mean, I don’t want to lose them so I think why would they be. But as I mature and encounter the world, I know this is enough. At least for every friend I have, I’ve invested a part of my life and my pocket just once. If I lose, I will manage to go on with life. Without them for that matter.

I would defend them all my life. They are my friends and I know what’s going on with their minds and what’s keeping them the way they are. There might be instances when I wouldn’t, yet I know I’ll be able to understand them. After all, we share some pieces of our history and life together and that’s not something I would take for granted. I will take judgment in their place. Even to my family, I will make sure their good intentions and motives are known. I don’t want others to treat them the way they shouldn’t be. Simply because they are my friends.

My family will at least have known them by their names. There are some good friends that have visited my place and meet my family. I believe it’s something that I treasure because our friendship grows deeper with those encounters. More so, I also visit them in their house if I have the opportunity. But for those yet to come, I made sure I have introduced them to my family. Be it about their favorite food, favorite place, jokes they shared or even words they speak, my parents will come to know them. That’s for sure.

I have shared my faith to them. That’s my purest and sincerest intention for our friendship. I would make sure I have introduced Jesus and His works in my life. They will be delighted to know that I stand strong up to this time because of what I believe. And I always wanted the same to happen to their lives. What more satisfaction can it bring me than having to know we’ll still see each other in the afterlife. I may be rejected but what matters is that I sow a seed to their hearts for eternity. I love them so much to hide these things, so there.

I am an open book. I share my stories easily. I trust people confidently. Because it will never be wrong. In the end if they wanted to leave, so be it. I don’t want to force myself on anyone. Yet for the last time, I would tell them how they matter to my life in any way. If they will be better without me, I will not hesitate to let them go. That’s what friendship is all about. I want what’s best for my friend even if it cost me pain and suffering or even if it does not include me. For what it’s worth, at least memories last and cannot be stolen by anyone. Thank you.


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