Work Anew

Life seems so fast when you’re on it. It felt like time is in a hurry and will always run late. I wonder how God created the universe in just seven days. Oh! I almost forgot, He did rest on the last day. So was it six days then? Just like some people would definitely do with their lives, they work on it. Very hard.

It was overwhelming to think that God has been the first worker in the entire world. For about a week, He worked on to something good. And when He made people in His likeness, He remarked it as very good (See Genesis 1). He modelled how simply it is to put effort on the things you love. I think there’s a name for that – passion. Passion is what motivates us to keep going. It is something that stirs up our hearts and our body in action to make something beautiful and worthwhile.

Work is not necessarily your passion. Since childhood, we are asked over and over about our dreams and what we envision ourselves to be 10 years after. My answer has never changed. It will always lead to being a teacher. Yet somehow, circumstances change and decisions continue to change. I wanted to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) thinking my name will read better with those three letters after it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and my profession. No doubt about it. But it isn’t something that I will do without getting paid in return.

But with teaching, I am the best version of myself. I lost track of time enjoying the difficulties in preparing lessons for my Sunday School students. I found myself doing things I thought I will never be able to do in my entire life. That is teaching street children in a cemetery with a baby (I do not even know her name) in my arms. I get excited whenever I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with the youth that I barely know. And I wanted to do this over and over; regardless of what I will get in return or even if it would leave me empty-handed.

You see, most people I know consider their work as their passion. Nothing is wrong with it. But if you take a look on your life now in the past few weeks, have you gone nearer to your dreams you have when you were once a child? Did you do something about it? Or life gets you, and you live to work instead of working to live.

Life is not all about the work. If working gets you farther away from being the best that you can be, you are not doing it right. God made it clear that you need a day out of that busy week to get intimate with Him and regain strength from Him. Do you think God became tired after doing work for six days? Do you think He has exhausted all His strength and there is nothing left for Him? Of course not. He is God. He will never get tired. But He did it anyway, because He knows the importance of getting balance with work and with life. Time flies so fast, you better catch up.

If He cares for the birds in the skies, the fishes from the ocean, how much more He cares about you and your life? He doesn’t want your work to get a way out of your life. He wants to work with your life. He hand-formed you and He knows exactly what to do with it. You just need to trust Him and kill the person inside you that keeps on serving money instead of God.

After all, this life is not for ours to live. It is always God’s.


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