“How can someone show love over and over when he’s constantly rejected?” This is one of my favorite lines in one of my favorite movies. I had deep thoughts whenever I watched that scene. I believe it’s foolish to love someone who hates you. I mean, what can you get in return? Why do you keep on choosing someone who really never bothers to know you? You will always end up disappointed and empty. And who wants that? I know Someone. He never wanted it, but He chose to love regardless of how it will make Him feel.

Human nature as it is, we tend to expect something in return when we give. We do not ask for it but it just seems the right thing to do because it’s how the world do it. Anyway, if the person is really thankful for what we received from us, he ought to give it back when the opportunity comes. But somehow, life is really unfair. We do not always receive what we think we deserve. Being a good friend doesn’t guarantee good friends. You may have experienced it, but being betrayed by your closest friend is probably one of the greatest pain in life.

I will not go into details but when you examine your life, one way or another, you will possibly encounter the same. It is inevitable. But how do you deal with it? I know for a fact that most people changes their behavior and attitude depending on the circumstances. But this guy whom I know, loves regardless of the situation. He is completely man, but at the same time isn’t. He can love someone over and over again when He is constantly rejected, even spat on His face. He was always been hurt, but His love endures the pain. He still loves just the same.

I came to a point in my life where I found His love overwhelming me. I cannot contain it on my own, and so I desperately share it with my family and friends and everyone I know. I wanted them to feel the joy I’ve been feeling, the chills inside my bones when Someone is crazy in love with you. Not just anyone, but He who has His eyes laid upon me before I even come forth to this world. My true Soul mate and definitely my Destiny. It wasn’t easy of course, I am not Him but I wanted to imitate this love badly that it will cause a radical change with the person it impacted.

Some has been so good in receiving and there’s some who took it for granted. I know it will not please everyone from the start or expect them to welcome this love with arms stretched wide. At least I can try. For a while, I thought it’s just easy as Mother Teresa quoted that a person shall give until it hurts. Until I realized I just haven’t experienced the real and authentic pain she meant in her notable statement. It is tiring and draining and exhausting. I’ve never felt so empty in my life before I decided to do this. I can’t ignore how people treated me because of this. They have used me as much as I have given them love. My motives are genuine but now I’m not sure it will stay that way. They keep on provoking me to give up and believe that nothing I have encountered has been true.

I felt extreme pain, extreme sadness and emptiness. It wasn’t what I have expected. I thought I can at least receive some love in return. But some people are really hard to love. They live and revolve with logic and valid reasoning. They need to first see things before they can actually believe it. But what point it is to live a life contained inside a box? To accept this enduring love requires faith and a step beyond the normal realm. It is to believe first before seeing. It is acknowledging that He is love and He alone can perfectly demonstrate it. Now, take a step into the water.

You cannot give what you don’t have. So before anything else, love. Make it overflow.


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