Some things are easier said than done. But still some people won’t listen.

You may be clouded by gigantic storms in life and doubt whether it is worth every urge to survive. You have no one to turn to, to share every disappointments and pain you’ve suffered. Whatever it may cause me, I promise to listen.

You may be expressing your heart to a lot of people lately, only to be rejected at the end of the day. Your heart is a fragile thing, and you’ve opened it up to people who never really care. You must be tired and exhausted. Still, I promise to listen.

You may be thinking twice, thrice, or many times a day whether to seek counsel and advice to others for what’s been going on in your life. Yet, answer’s always no. Then there comes a time you feel like there is a bomb awaiting to explode, you know yourself you need to release it. You did it. Yes, I promise to listen.

You may face a time when someone out of your control knows everything about you, and he judges you. You want to explain. You want him to understand. But he’s blocked with stories and hear says left and right. If I were to be that man, I promise to listen.

You may think you know better than anyone. But it isn’t true. Strength is not seen without a single tear. It may expose a lot of your weakness, but being able to is strength itself. You put so much energy and save so much courage to share your story. I won’t waste it. I promise to listen.

You may be planning to take away your life. Sooner or later, you know you can’t get enough of the trouble it has. You think there’s no more chance for someone like you to restore the beauty of living. You’ve only been existing. I say to you, you are wrong. Let’s sit and talk. I promise to listen.

You may have given the value of life to someone so special. You dearly love him relentlessly, not knowing he doesn’t feel the same. You’ve been betrayed and you have no more reason to stay. Dear one, he is not worth your life. It’s not wise taking that risk. I’ll give you time. I promise to listen.

You may have tried all other options left, and still fail. You talked to every person you think can help, and still fail. Everything’s going the opposite way. Nothing’s being right. You think God is punishing you. I know it very well and I promise to listen.

You may be given hope that everything will be well. Someone finally asks you how’s it going. You trust that person thinking this time it would be different. You manage to testify and and reflect the reality within you. And everything changes. I promise to listen.

You may be heard by someone. Between you and him, everything in the conversation is just plain and pure. You have said everything you could. He listened. But after you left, you felt empty. He just heard, but never listened. Darling, I promise to listen.

You see, someone out there is dying just to be heard. It doesn’t hurt you to listen, does it?


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