Blank Canvass

We were all once a child – having a heart so pure, so innocent, and so open. We eat what anyone feeds us. We accept whatever they give us. We adapt anything our parents teach us. It’s like we are sheets of paper and everything around us are pens of different colors awaiting to leave a mark on our life like a blank canvass.

Then technology and society kept on progressing. We grew older; unfortunately, not everyone grows up – If you know what I mean. We made friends on every school and grade we’re in. We learn new things everywhere we go. You see, the once blank canvass has been inked by so many experiences and situations in life. Not all of which is what we definitely need.

May it be a culture or a norm, we have a choice if we let that define who we are. Pre-marital sex, for example, has become common and usual these days. But that doesn’t mean we catch up on the world’s ways and find it right just because everyone’s doing it anyway. Hopping from one relationship to another just because we feel like it, seems so good when you’re on it. But what’s good is not always what’s right. This world we’re living is now far from the Garden of Eve that God once created. We are now living in a fractured creation where no one bothers to give glory to his Creator. Sad, isn’t it?

Still, you’re a part of this world. We cannot undo that, but we can do something to make a difference. Temptations are here and there, but God made sure that you can overcome those things with Him on it. He holds a white paint and an eraser ready to make a new canvass. He has been willing from the beginning of time to give you and I, a new life and a new nature. Instead of letting the world cave in and put it’s art on us, why not let the Creator take charge of His own masterpiece. There’s no one who knows your purpose more than the One who made you.

We aren’t perfect, no one is. But at least we try to set things right and pleasing to God. It might mean losing our so-called “friends” in the process or being ridiculed by the society. You may not feel good about it, but I assure you, it will all paid off in the end. Circumstances will try to ruin the image you want to portray, but take heart- it will not last long. You might feel standing up alone facing giants of criticisms, and hardships on the way, yet it is He who is greater than he that is in the world. This may seem the narrow way that God is telling us in His Word. It will never be easy, but it is always possible.

Just like a painting hanging on a gallery, we can never appreciate its beauty and its meaning by standing so near in the portrait. We take two to three steps backward, and look clearly for the full view of the art before us. Then we are able to find its significance and grasp the emotions the painter wants to convey. Our life is a lot like that. We may not understand the process but we trust the will of Him who designed us. Difficulties often get in the way, but God’s glory will always prevail. He cares for every aspect of our lives, even the tiny and minute details- He knows.

The world may be a lot engaging than the Word might offer us. But at the end of the day when it’s time for the canvass to be exhibited, people will be amazed at its elegance and uniqueness. They will be delighted that they have never seen this art ever before. All praises will be given to that piece of art, and a lot more for the Creator itself. That’s what meant by life truly lived, handing the pen to the Author and Finisher of life.


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