Begin with thyself

Some say experience is what you do to what happens to you. Well for me, it’s kinda easy and simple. Perhaps I could say I always do things right or right from my sole thinking. I always give second chances to people regardless of how they’ve used the first chance towards me. I always embrace and welcome every opportunity that should never be greeted. I tend to agree with everything everybody is telling me, not even questioning one of them. I always believe that endings will be good and beneficial to me. But I always lose. I am wrong. It’s not gonna happen the way I wanted it to be. Or the way I thought it would end. That’s why for now, I’m learning to control my focus. It means I need to learn, relearn and unlearn some things. Do, redo, and undo some actions. And I must stick with this no matter what. It’s not avoidance; it’s a way towards wisdom and fruitful experience. And I like to begin with myself. How about you?


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