As a girl

I always write about someone. This time, I’m going to write some things about myself. Bear with me.


I do things randomly. Like this time, I want to read and just be lazy the whole day. I am super fond of reading inspirational and motivational books. I have favorite authors though like Joel Osteen, John Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, and many more to tell. However, this year I tried to read novels by Colleen Hoover and it really worked out well. I love November 9th book. Somehow, I am addicted to reading that I lost track of time.

I also like waking up late, that it’s already noon and lunch is already served. That’s my life every Saturdays. Thank God I am blessed with parents that support me on this matter. I would laugh on the days I get up early, and they push me to sleep more. Like wow. I love my life! Or I would be awaken by kisses and hugs and yells coming from my little brother. He just loves me so much! So yeah, I want to sleep 12 hours a day.

One new hobby for me is watching koreanovelas. I started this year with Descendants of the Sun and I fall in love with Korean stories and love series. Yet, I think I became consistent in watching 2 episodes a day for an important reason. One, all my office mates watch episodes during lunch break and it became the most silent hour of our day. Two, I need to stay awake every night inside the bus on my way home. Later, you’ll know the details.

I can take a bath at least 15 minutes for a day. You heard that right. I don’t have long rituals in shower like most girls do. Maybe, I’m not really a girl. Or so my parents thought. But I like showers, and water and I take a bath everyday. I just used on moving and fixing myself quickly every morning. But when rain start pouring and it’s cold, and there is no work, I don’t take a bath at all. Gross sometimes, yeah.

My parents call me names like a soldier in terms of eating. Not only I love to eat, but I am also quick to eat. There is this instance that my mother has prepared my meal for the day, and she was to eat also beside me. She just went to check on her laundry in the back of our house, do some random things and when she sat beside me, she never expected I have finished eating already. Maybe 5 minutes or so, depends on my hunger.

I am a morning person. I used to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to have my time with myself. This includes reading, a lot of reading, watching movies, and sometimes singing or crying or talking. I just made sure that I still go on with my hobbies and talents without my work affecting them because of lack of time. It’s a two-hour meditation and enjoyment with thyself. It helped me a lot to face my daily routines.

I love staying at home since I was a child. I am not an extrovert, but I really feel at ease inside our house more than any place I can be. I do not comb my hair throughout the day, or brush my teeth after lunch. It’s just feels like being myself without anything to worry at all. That’s home for me. I like the idea that we are a complete family enclosed in a not-so-large and not-so-small place. And we welcome every friends and acquaintances I have.

Favorite food, bananas. There is nothing more that I need when I crave something to eat. I can eat a bundle at a time but I was shy. So, I have never experienced that yet, but looking forward to it. I love fries, especially when soaked with gravy (from McDonalds). I remember a time when I ate a lot of fries, and I can’t sleep of indigestion. My parents were terrified and I did not let them sleep, too. I love Adobo, all kinds of it. I don’t eat vegetables but when cooked like Adobo, I can eat one. Like sitaw, and all green-leafy veggies.

Favorite music, This I Promise You by N’Sync and Deeply in Love by Hillsong. Well, I know they are songs but of different music. One is from a boy band and another from a Christian band. I’m not used to listening secular music, and I only know those that are popular and trending for the moment. But when it comes to gospel music, I am addicted to it and it consumes every bite of my SD card.

Favorite movie, Thunderpants and The Encounter. Two totally different genres, so see it for yourselves. Favorite artist, Toni Gonzaga. Nothing particular, but if I were to mention one, that’s her. Favorite color, blue green and yellow and blue and green. Favorite clothes, just jeans and shirt. I do not like to dress up, trust me. Favorite number is seven. Favorite toy is Iron Man and Spongebob Squarepants. And the list goes on.

By the way, I am also a multi-tasker. Like when I brush my teeth, I roam around the room, watch the television, reply to a message and even share a short story- doing all these things at once. There even comes a time during the call of Mother Nature that I am able to eat while having that intimate moments in the toilet. Very me, I guess. Sorry for if I spoiled your day. Ha ha.


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