You’re different dude!

Being different is good. Being different makes us all special.

Whether you like it or not, you were made different. A lot of people don’t like to be someone not in common, someone being out-of-place, and someone not popular. They want to be somebody else they idolize, or the more intelligent one that people will admire. That’s one of our nature.

What is your expression when facing the mirror early in the morning? Do you get disappointed or you just get used to that, or even better, you started singing and thanking God for the wonderful face He’d given you?  How would you react on this thing defines the confidence you put in yourself.

I knew a story of an intelligent guy who was born with a big head, dark brown skin, and small stature. Some says that being intelligent is one of his ways to make up with his physical frailty. He thought that it his intelligence and superior knowledge would elevate his dignity, out powering his physical status not so attractive. Some says that it’s just reasonable that this guy is intelligent to make him more balance as an individual.

They might be right, I thought. Yet, my outlook tells me that nothing has been made accidentally in this guy, and everyone of us. God knew us even before we were conceived. He had planned us long before we know of Him. These were all written in the Bible, even our hairs are numbered. You see, you are who you are for a reason!

That story was about our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Few knew of him, but not this much. We had the Rizal course in every school, private and public, in colleges and universities. This is one of the things about Rizal that really made me think. Even Rizal had an identity crisis that He wants to fit in the world, and so he studied harder and harder to make up with this pressure. What more are we?

God had made us all different, that’s true! We had different DNA, different thumb marks, and different personalities. Even twins have his/her own identity as unique, unlike the other. We were made for different purposes, with different faces, talents, abilities, skills and potentials.

Imagine if the people around you had the same face as yours, the same voice as yours, and the same talents as yours. Will it be possible to have a distinction? I doubt it. It’s part of God’s plan. He knew that each of us had amazing different potentials, and He uses it for His glory.

Don’t be jealous someone got a straighter hair than yours, or that someone is more popular than you. Admit that someone is sportier as you are, and had more friends than you do. Understand that your brother or sister may love something you do not, or like someone you won’t. We’re all different. You can’t help but accept it. Expect that someone might be more superior to you, it’s normal.

However, if you don’t expect things to be this way, at least, do not try to be someone else you’re not. Life’s too short to be somebody else. Just be you, and gradually you’ll be able to recognize the reason why we all had our differences. It’s not a negative circumstance. Being different is what makes our life colorful, and more exciting. Your friend complements your attitude, and your character that is why you find yourself comfortable with him/her.

Come on, now. It would be better if you smile knowing you’re different, dude!


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