The Life of my Extraordinary Unknown Specie – Bestfriend

It starts with chaos, and chaos it ends.

I’ve never planned to have someone so opposite to me as a friend. Worse, we are best of friends. Hey, of course you want someone having similar traits you have, someone who would agree to you, and someone of the same sex. I don’t know how, yet we matched. Life is an unpredictable state then, don’t you think?

I bet you had experienced something like this- or someone like this. But I also doubt it. He’s not ordinary. He’s not known. He’s not what you think he is. He is someone better or maybe someone worse. Either way, you would love him, miss him and want him to be at your side. You would never trade someone like him to anyone. He’s my best friend.

Actually, this idea was his- for me to write a biography of someone who is living, but not existing. He showed me how his world can be a bit amusing and so free. He explored a different dimension of the places we’ve been. He sees a different angle in every situation we’ve experienced. He’s a lot different than any of us. But just so you know, he is incredibly attractive the way he is.

I don’t know where to begin- or maybe it doesn’t have any beginning. It just happened- spontaneously, surprisingly. Out of the box, he chased his limitations. Go farther beyond what a human being can reach. He just did. And yes, I’m a witness- or so, a guide.

 We’ve been friends for more than a decade now. About 12 to 13 years. More of being childhood friends, and you bet we knew each other halfway. So far, for him it is. Yet for me, it takes time to absorb everything about his being and nature. Whoa! Am I not paid for this? I’m just kidding.

Well, I’m sure you’re now curious about him. He’s my classmate since the first grade. Unfortunately, the story won’t start with the kindergarten days for we just happen to be schoolmates. Maybe a relief for me, though. He’s been always my seatmate. Every day, yes. Oh, always. What a tiring day it will be, always. He just makes me all mad for the rest of the school year. This little boy in the first grade with so much innocence had me irritated in the start of the fourth grade. And that’s where we’ll start.

I am close with the boys in our class. I’m friends with everyone. So, it doesn’t really matter who will be seating next to me. So there he is- at my side now. We’re of the same section, same group, and same row. How wonderful! He’s physical appearance was pleasing. Good-looking somehow, and he’s with height just right. Now you picture a fourth grade boy. Whatever is the reason, girls just admire him. There’s this “charisma” in him. To be honest, I didn’t believe it till now.

It happens that my new girl classmate has a crush on him. Every day, she would be yelling when he smiles or when he talks to her. She will be telling everyone about it and brag that maybe he has a crush on her too. She’s fond of buying little stuff that time, and she won’t forget to buy for him too. Yes, he often receives gifts with a card from my classmate. And she’s been vocal about it. Well, she’s proud of it.

You can say she’s crazy, and I can agree. So there he is, with confidence and smile that says, “Man, girls are into me.”His actions say it all. He just seems to like it anyway because it adds up to his own ego. That’s what makes him so proud of himself. I hate it and I’m so hot- blooded with him. I’m sorry for my classmate’s loss- he’s just not enough for her. He just doesn’t deserve to be admired or appreciated, I think.

Then, there comes a time when he was being influenced by his friends. It’s a bad influence. Name it! They do things like they’re addicted to it. They play computer games more than they study, talk “boy-stuff” aloud a lot, and make fun out of people, even me. What I was against is he learned to speak bad words just as normal as he could. Every day, I want to slap his mouth and just close it forever. But I never did it, anyway.

When we were in fifth grade, we’re still seatmates. That time, I was not glad about it. Yet, there’s something about him that makes me concern about him. For about five years, our mothers have been really good friends and they prefer that we be friends too. Well, we’re friends but not that intimate as real friends.

Reasons would be that he just makes me feel ill whenever he is around- not doing his home works, passing his projects late, failing exams and neglecting the importance of education. And I’m for all of that.

You see? We’re the total opposite. Back to what I’m saying, these make me more interested about him than to resist him. If I remembered it right, I offer something for him. That is I will buy him pens (since he’s really borrowing pens almost every day) in exchange that he should not speak bad words- or in case, I should not hear it. And it’s a deal! What a relief.

To my surprise, it worked out. I learned to appreciate him more, and to know him more. He’s not bad at all as I was telling you. He’s different from them. The more you get to know him, the more you open your heart and understanding to keep him. He’s just into the flow and trend. He’s been battling with himself all the while, yet the faith was not there. He has good motives, even the attitude of a gentleman.

So I decided to change my impression of him. We’ve been closer than before when we are in sixth grade. Still the same seats we have, we always have time to talk. He would always insult me, calling me names and I have been used to it. Among all the boys in the room, I was attached to him the most. He’s jolly and really entertaining. He’s naughty but he has learned to try harder than before. I enjoyed doing things with him; even listening to what he has to say. I love his jokes and had come to respect his perspectives in life. I admired him. That was positive now, right?

Yes, now I’m surprised. I think he would be surprised as well reading this. It’s a change of heart, a change of view that change us both inside and out.

There’s nothing more exciting than going to high school, and nothing comes close as to having to bid goodbyes to friends. How I wish we were enrolled with still the same school, and that we have the same section and seats as before. But things do really change!

We have our first reunion one month after graduation. Can’t wait to see them again! Though it’s just been a month, the excitement never ceases. Of course, he’s excited too. I had to mention that he is always present whenever, wherever, whatever reunion we have. He just never seems to forget. I’m the organizer and I love to bring them all together.

One time in our conversation, we have talked about a lot of things until it narrows down to us. He had a crush on me when I was in first grade and he just keeps on insisting me to say the same. I did not want to, because I never had to. But I admit he is more than a friend to me. He is somewhat my boy best friend. He had felt the same. We are the only ones attached since that graduation day. We never change back then, still the same seatmates.

We have been invited by a common friend to their house to celebrate a feast. We went there together with friends. I remembered it clearly. He also went to our house to ask permission from my parents that he will accompany me there. My mother absolutely felt happy about it knowing I am in good hands. She has confidence and trust with him, since then.

Yes, we are together. That’s the first time we have been together- not in a reunion. That makes it special, that we care more to each other. Truly, he has changed. He seems to be so gentle and kind to me. I felt it and I recognized it. I am not irritated with him anymore. I felt secured and protected when I am with him. He makes me feel that he is always there for me and I appreciated it so much. I didn’t even spend a penny! Yes, he handled it so well.

That is my best friend. Ordinary? No. Unknown? Yes.

It came out that we really grow closer to each other. We have even called each other “esprend.” Cute name for us, best friends! As we journeyed through our high school years, I am convinced that I am so blessed to have him around, always available whenever I need him. He will surely think that it is not true, but for me he genuinely expressed it. He is the perfect man alive, he thought so! But seriously, he has been a wonderful buddy for me. I love him like my real brother.  I just pray that he stays the same and change for the better.

Alas, I met the perfect man. It continued through our high school years. No year had gone that we haven’t met. No months passed by that he never visited me. Weeks passed by that I did not text him. It’s a routine we keep which makes us this bonded. Sometimes, we get so busy that we misunderstood the actions of each other. We missed each other a lot and we missed the point to express it at all times. That is why fighting seems to be a thrill- which we never let our friendship fail. I can’t just get mad at him like before!


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