Stressed Out

It’s good, but it’s not.

 There are seven days in a week, yet it seems to me I got my load covered up for the whole month. I didn’t finish reading the chapters in my accounting books, as well as finish the video for my grandfather’s birthday. My articles have been stocked for a couple of days, and there are a lot of files which are in need of typing and printing. When can I get all my work done?

That’s one of my learning this year, which came unto me in a very hard way. I’m a busy person, all of my classmates think. That’s true, but it is normal to me. I love having works all day, having assignments and getting load in a week. However, I didn’t anticipate that it would be my biggest challenge for the year.

Have you experienced being a multi-tasking student? You know, when your professor is sleepy, you tend to get a notebook and finish your assignment from other subjects? I did that a lot. Well, for me that is being a productive student, yet on the other side that is being a disrespectful fellow to the educator.

Oftentimes, I didn’t get all my work done. I didn’t have focus for anything I do. What I’m always after comes from the word “Finish.” I need to finish recording things by Tuesday, so I could print and submit it. I have to write an article for me to post it on blog before the end of the week. I had to read the few chapters in my accounting books in preparation for my classes. Yet, nothing comes close from finishing.

Even the time for my family was spent half time. It is just not right anymore. I realized things should come to priorities and its significance in my life.

Yes, I love all the things I do. I’m happy for it, but it doesn’t mean I need all of it and have to do all of it. Sometimes we need to weigh things up to determine which needs ample time, and which needs less of our time. But, of course, don’t be the nerdy one who has no time for recreational activities and entertainment. The lesson in this is all about balance. Do not just feed your spirit, and mind. You must watch over your body, too. We’re not growing younger, right?

Even so, Time Management is really an important thing to master. Schedules get interrupted by family bonding, visitors unexpected, invitations to party or entertainment by classmates, and the like. Yet, if we had set our priorities plan ahead of the week, month or even a year- we can still have the FOCUS. Focus on things which demands most of our time. We can learn to say NO, and most especially we can learn how to budget things and resources properly. The good news is not only for us but for others also.

It’s not right to say you don’t have much time. It’s better to declare there’s so much time. So, remember that cramming is never a bright idea, but planning is. Remember that time is one of your resources, not one of your control. Learn to appreciate every second you have, and use it wisely.

A couple of days spent on Facebook is never greater than fulfilling your purpose in life. Being successful in things that you do is much more different than fulfilling your life’s purpose. You might get achievements being to something, yet it’s not really the thing that God has for you.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time. Do not stand a chance to enjoy doing many things than focusing on one thing; you can’t have real focus on that. If you want your life to have impact, you need to focus it and stay on balance. So, after you read this, better start considering the matters now.


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