It must not be this way. I should not be like this.

One way or the other, we tend to choose whom we should interact with. Oftentimes, they are the people who we like, who we want and who we get attracted to- leaving other persons behind. Could it really be democratic or individualistic choice? Well, I guess we pick the fruits we want, wear the clothes we like and get the things we admire and actually die for- just the same with a person.

I have realized that the trust and faith that a person can put into you can’t be taken lightly. It has good pressure and burden in it. Good pressure that we knew that trust can’t be built on sand, yet it’s built on solid rock. Meaning, that a person believes that you have all it takes to earn that conviction. However, burden in a sense that the feedback really matters a lot, especially on how you’ll handle the faith that they have in you. Either you crush it or keep it and push it to its limits.

We are blessed that we have people in our side and even more blessed that people will be against us somehow. It doesn’t count anyway whether people should admire you for who you really are. You cannot please everyone, but you can be friends with everyone. You gain friends for friends, not friends for yourself alone. That’s the economy of real and true friendship.

How you value others reflects on how you value your relationship with God. Love people, Love God. Love God, Love people. We can’t separate them, they doesn’t work that way. Even the twelve chosen disciples of Jesus had one person rejecting Him three times and worst, another person cursing and betraying Him in His last breath towards our salvation. What more for sinners like you and me? We can’t even work for our own salvation; only Jesus could have done it on the Cross.

This is an honest evaluation for us. See? Folks, it’s a lot harder than we think. We can’t be God, but we should act like Him for His glory and praise. The basic is to start with a friend, a stranger- even your enemy. We don’t need easy, we just need possible.

Healthy relationships with others result in a healthier outcome. It’s time to change the world- not merely surviving it!


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