Life Sentence

It started with the inside, going out.

I have always wanted a life that is well- lived, just like the journey of the late Mr. Jesse M. Robredo. He is not just an ordinary man that serves people with his own interests being satisfied, but he is incredibly an extraordinary, endangered public servant that created a fire in people’s soul to make a difference. That fire he set upon me continues to burn, and I can’t help it. I was moved with how he value goodness and hope and I learned life lessons he treasured.

Be excellent in whatever you do. As a student, it is my first priority to learn and to study well. It is not enough that I have passing grades or that I graduate, but it is certainly best to top in my field and push beyond mediocrity. I want to become better, and achieve more as a person. Mr. Robredo’s life affirms that his attitude will determine his altitude in life. That is why I decided to refuse a life of “just good enough,” and live an excellent life.

Embrace your family tight. I am a very family- oriented person and I value the importance of having intimate relationship with my family despite of my busy schedules at school and in church. I believe that my family holds the biggest part of my inner being, and it is right that I put them first before anyone else. The Bible has been clear about this, and it is a promise that comes with a great reward. Mr. Robredo surely had earned that reward through his wife and children.

Serve people. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to put other’s interests before me. Regardless of your state of life, whether you’re a student or not, it is always a wise choice to prioritize people. I recently conducted group studies in our class for our major subjects. I found it easier to connect with my classmates and help each other out to succeed in our course. It’s not a weight of what I gain from them, but of what we become as a whole. Surely, Mr. Robredo has committed his life in serving people. In ‘Tsinelas Movement,’ we could see the movement of the people merged with the government. Every individual counts. Our country has never had flashy superheroes, but one thing is for sure. It has you and me.

Be optimistic. I realized how essential it is to be positive, especially during our examinations and quizzes. I always believed that once you rule your mind, you rule your life. Positive thoughts bring positive results. It is always a blessing to have this in every area of my life. Mr. Robredo co-founded good governance organization, Kaya Natin Movement. He also knew the power of motivation and encouragement to each individual. He sees every opportunity to uplift the people surrounding him. One smile means a lot of strength to him, as it has on me.

Be a good listener. Most people never consider this. And that’s not good, because if they don’t, they cannot truly serve people. I always thought that listening is a “great way off.” from becoming a leader, but it’s not. Some people are just dying to be heard, and we must give them what they lack. It seems to be the least effort we can do, not knowing that it’s the biggest thing we can possibly do. Start with one person at a time, and you’ll see how it will change things.

Find your purpose. Your life is worth taking the time to think about. It’s not just about your pursuit or career in college. It’s a lifetime journey God has laid you to walk through. I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, but I found myself enjoying a lot more in teaching children in our church. I also want to be a CPA, but I also do not want to give up teaching despite of my profession. Some are called to be teachers, and some are called leaders. Evidently, Mr. Robredo found his way into becoming a model civil servant. You might never know, you’ll be next to him.

Lastly, and more importantly, Put God first in your life. I believe that God should be the center of my daily routines and activities that whatever I do will prosper. I cannot do these things alone without His help. Mr. Robredo knew that and he constantly reminded people that Someone up there is greater.

These are just few lessons we could get from Mr. Robredo’s life, and people will always summarized them in a single sentence. His legacy had already made an enormous impact in my life, and we I to act on it. What about your own life sentence?


2 thoughts on “Life Sentence

  1. This is the answer that I’m looking for as a leader. I’m leader but there’s something na kulang pa sa akin. Pero One thing na nagparealize sa akin is this maging positive no matter happend in life and narealize ko na maging Good listener din ako kasi minsan nagiging mapride ako kaya di ko sila napapakinggan. That’s why learned so much ate Lariz in your vlogs. I’m not a core leader yet I am a Leader who loves Christ. Ate Lariz I want to be a core someday but right now I’m a kuya who cares for others. Thanks for this topic malaking impact ang natutunan ko po dito as I serve God. Make more vlog post pa po ate Lariz 😊

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    • Hi Ryan! Salamat 😊 it all starts with a desire and a commitment to be one – a leader. Start small, you’ll never go wrong. Oo naman. 😍 Please share. Thank you for reading!


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