His Promise

There will be no disappointments in life if you were not expecting anything from someone.

That’s the inevitable truth. People change. But that doesn’t mean we need to change for that person also. Maybe, they had fulfilled their mission from us and it’s time to set them free.

Like for a toy! You can’t play with a doll over and over again until you turn to be an eighteen-year-old girl. Unless you want to be in the headlines for tomorrow’s issue. In reality, you can’t always insist for people to stay- to be like the person you want them to be. That will not just happen for they decide on their own.  What shocking is they tend to throw away people they knew for so long and invite people they hardly know yet.

Ouch, it really hurts! Yet, I will accept it. We need to. Life does not revolve in theirs- life is how we see it, how we accept it and how we want it to be.

Today, I made a decision and covenant with myself. I will shed no more tears for people who come and go to my life. I want them to be happy, so that I should be happy too. I will be stronger and braver enough to face them, pat them in the back and say, “I miss you! How are you?”

I will not let the past ruin my tomorrow. For I know that everything happens for a reason, and that ‘everything’ includes friends who chose not to stay with our side. Life goes on even if the people you treasure won’t. I’ve learned this in a hard way and I pray that you need not experience it too.

Guard your heart at all times. As the Bible say, it is deceitful and could greatly affect your emotions and decisions in a bad way. Especially if it’s your weakness- like me.

I let people penetrate my heart deep down for their good. I treasure them like how I treasure riches. I want them to remember each day with a smile together and comfort them as a challenge goes their way. I deeply understand their choices of matters of life and still trying to comprehend the very detail of their actions.

And in the end, I find myself struggling for something which they had passed by. In the end, I’m hurt and they are happy. But God restores everything that was lost and made me realize these things. No one will be able not to disappoint me, yet God will. It’s His promise!

Life will not always turn out what you want it to be. But surely, God’s grace and favour will somehow turn things around for the best of us. God says that He will not leave us nor forsake us. He had given His only Son for our salvation, what more could He not provide us? He will not withhold good things from His hands, thus, He will shower it upon those who believe in Him and put their trust in His Name.

Always be thankful that God is never late or too early to show up in times of confusion, sorrow and regret. He is always available for us, in restoration, forgiveness and love. He has the complete package we ever wanted in our journey that is free. He has the answers for our problems. He has everything we need, and without Him, you might not ever want to imagine what will life may be.

His promises endure forever. Everything will change, but the Word of God and His promises remain the same throughout the ages. Friends, why bother? Jesus is your best friend!


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