Blessings Overflowing

“I am a living evidence of the goodness of God!”

What do you mean by blessing? Does it need to be large, grande gifts and surprises? Would it only consist of material things, those visible and tangible? Is it what you had expected, wanted or longed for? Should blessing be shared with friends or just be kept to thyself? Can it be something common, or extraordinary? Blessings can be of different meanings, and these are some of those.

Many of us had different viewpoint on how to recognize blessings in our lives. Some recognize it as victories or grants. When you received an email saying that you won $1M out of 10,000 senders, it’s a blessing. If you’ve been a constant lottery participant and you’ve won the grand prize, it is a blessing, indeed. You had been granted a scholarship program on any 4-year course due to a raffle draw in school; it can be called a blessing. Or can it be?

Some recognize blessings as huge surprises of their lives. Just like what my cousin had experienced. She is a complete package, her suitors would say. Beautiful, intelligent, God-fearing and humble is she. She had been studying hard to become a Certified Public Accountant. Yet, she did not expect to graduate with flying colours for all she wanted was to be a CPA, and then she became a Magna Cum Laude of her batch in Accountancy. That’s one big blessing!

Others would recognize blessing in great packages, wrapped with a ribbon and sealed with love. This is experienced especially during the Christmas Season. It’s our culture as Filipinos to have Ninong at Ninang as our second parents, being recognized past in our baptismal ceremonies. It is their nature to give gifts and the what we call pamasko to their inaanak. Sometimes, it even came to a point that children will be challenging one another who will receive the highest amount of money given by their families, relatives and friends. Then, they recognize such presents and money as blessings from God.

These were all true, yet half truth. Blessings can be in these forms as mentioned, but we lost the true value and definition of blessing. It’s something God has given us, no matter how big or small, coming from the hands and works of God. Blessings should be recognized as what we are, what we have, and who God is.

When we wake up in the morning, we basically arrange our bed sheets, pillows, and bed, putting it up into order. Then, we’ll wash our face and eat. After that, we’ll brush our teeth, and take a bath. Then, we’ll go to school, or the office, right? Well, did you count how many blessings you have just by doing these?

Thank God you woke up this day, that’s a blessing. Some weren’t able to live another day and never woke up since then. Thank God you had a beautiful, comfortable sleep, and that you had a bed. Thank God He had given you a wonderful day ahead, and the sun shines so bright. Thank God you had something to eat, because others were still working for their food for the rest of the day. Thank God your teeth are complete, so smile wide and be glad. Thank God you had a source of water that you could take a bath just enough for each day of your lives, for some spent their time taking a bath in canals, rivers, and polluted waters just to be cleansed. Thank God you have clothes to wear, money to spend, and school to learn, or office to work. Thank God for you have a shelter- a nice house. Thank God for everything, and you’ll realize these outnumbered even the strands of your hair.

God is really good all the time. Grabe! We cannot contain it, so share it to others. You’re blessed to read this, and you will be even more blessed to be a blessing yourself. Blessings ahead of your day, yeah!


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