Love is in the air, or is it?

We have numerous definitions of love. Some thinks that love is blind, that you could love even your greatest enemy. Some says that love is like a rosary which is full of mysteries, thinking that love moves in mysterious ways. These are just sayings. Do we know what love really is? Or we just based it on our experiences, our friend’s love life, or even the world’s standards? Come to think of it. We’re not even halfway to the dimension of love.

Basically, what I had observed in my friends’ testimonies about love makes me ill. One guy friend of mine told me that he and his girlfriend have been together for about four years now, yet he can’t answer one simple question about it. Another just brought up their latest concern of his girlfriend and that meant 6-year long- distance relationship. What surprises me was the thought that he was not sad at all, yet more exciting for the freedom while his girl is abroad. So, absolutely he has no answer to my simple question as well.

Well, my question is, “What’s your plan for her? “ By asking this, they make fun of me saying I’m so bitter in love having had no experience at all and asking silly question. But that’s not the point. My point here is when a guy courts a girl, that doesn’t just mean he wants to be her boyfriend, but also he is investing his time, effort, emotions, as well as money because he knows that the girl is a good investment.

Don’t take it literally; however, if you stop for a second, and give it some thought, you’ll probably come up with a better viewpoint of love. Love is not a game that you can play. It’s not a matter of having intimate romance or physical expressions of love.  It does not count how much money you put on it or how much preparation you spent for your date. Even the most handsome and rich man could have concerns about love.

You know why? Because, love is not based on feelings or emotions. It is a decision, based on your will and plans.

Let me ask you this. When was the last time your heart can be trusted? Maybe, you’d answer “This morning when I woke up” or “Yesterday.” Yet, what I’m asking is a time when your heart has not been deceived. I doubt it. Our hearts can easily be deceived, so there’s no reason you should put your 110% trust on your feelings and your emotions.

You cannot give a grip to something you knew would be broken instantly like your heart, as well. Remember the first moment you received an I-love-you text message from your crush or from your guy friend? It was a sincere, deep feeling we’ve all experienced. Suddenly, it’s like an electric current just passed by our nerves and veins until it reach our face becoming red, and redder, and redder in the cheeks. Then, what’s next? We’ll thought for a bit that maybe what we’re experiencing is love. A major mistake!

I don’t mean you cannot completely trust what you feel. It’s just that our hearts can be so emotional sometimes. It can produce feelings we can’t comprehend and handle beyond our will. Then, we tend to answer questions ourselves and seek a wrong source.

True unconditional love is when Jesus had died at the cross for the salvation of undeserved human beings. Immeasurable, irrevocable, and unconditional love we can’t contain. It’s the perfect expression of love. Now, do you think if Jesus based His love on his feelings, He would have the guts to save us? Definitely not, for the reason that the people whom He saved is the same people who crucified Him. What an amazing love! Yet, Jesus chooses not to trust His feelings and decided to do His Father’s purpose for the salvation of man.

Can you comprehend it well? Even words could not describe and express the love of Jesus Christ. That’s what we should have first, and accept- the Author of Love Himself- God, who gave His Begotten Son for us, despite all. Then, that’s the only time we could love freely and truly above all.

You cannot give what you don’t have, so I challenge you to receive it first so you could give love. It’s never late to give it a try, but I guarantee you 110% that it’s working in my life. I believe you wanted the same love as God has for you. Don’t hesitate, because God has been waiting for you.

It doesn’t matter if you knew these things or how much you know. What matters most is how much you want to know. Better start than never! I love you.




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