He got it all

No one has the monopoly of ‘everything good’.

Do you know when was the last moment you felt like really in love with learning? Well, for me it’s the time when my History and Rizal Professor uttered these words in front of the class. Attractive, for it is the first time I heard such thought and controversial as well, for it struck me by heart.

At that moment on, I realized something. Life is not perfect at all, and so are the people around you. Oftentimes, we idolize icons for who they are when performing on stage, what songs they sing, and how they deliver their lines in telenovelas and movies. We made them gods and goddesses, as if they are perfect.

Yet, that’s an inevitable lie. A person always has his/her flaws. You might never know, but it’s the truth. You cannot always put expectations to people. They will probably disappoint you too. Things will not always be what we ought them to be. That’s just how life works.

I knew a few people living in luxury, and fame, but deep inside they’re lacking in acceptance and love from the people around them. Some spent all day studying, making good grades, yet they realized they are walking alone in their journey. There are also these good-looking teens, enjoying their social life to the fullest, yet at the end of the day they felt sad, incomplete and unsatisfied.

Just like you and me, sometimes the sun shine so bright, but then the rain come and dominate everything.

Imagine if God made us all perfect. Do you think I would be writing this article for you to read? Of course, not! I would not need you anyways. Do you think you’ll still have the same friends you have today? I doubt it. They will be busy making friends with their selves, and completely ignore you.

That’s how perfect and unique God created you. You may not always have it all. Tantalizing eyes, rosy cheeks, kissable lips, slim body, good-looking face, or even white, perfect teeth- do not describe you. However, God had chosen to love you infinitely with who you really are, not what you want to become.

When shopping in a mall, I always heard their theme yell. “We got it all for you,” is a part of it. Definitely, they are talking about the tangible things we want to have. How about the intangible things? Just like Barbie once said, sometimes, those things we do not see are more important than we can ever touch and acquire in this world.

You can’t always have it all, that’s for sure. But, you have a God that provides you with everything. How sweet was that? Jesus died for you, losing everything, just to give you everything. And all He can ever receive from you is complaining? How bitter.

One day, I went to a private school alone. It was in my senior year. I’ve been studying for 11 years in a public school, and I just hope to have a chance to study in a private school. So, I did the inspection ahead.

It was good. It’s beyond what I’m experiencing in my school. As I walk down the hallway, I saw a bunch of kids chattering. One is complaining about her maid, having the worst face in town. And then, they laughed. The other one is disappointed in his dad for not buying him his own car, and the third one is worrying. Do you know what her biggest worry is? It’s the pimple that sprouted in her nose. She kept it with a handkerchief for the whole day, I observed.

See? They may be living above you yet they still are not contented. Actually, the lesson is that we’re all in the same status, still. No one from above, and no one from below. It’s just a matter of journey.

How you start is not important, even how you end is somehow not essential. Yet, it’s how you endure the race. How you face your challenges, solve your life’s giant problems, and overcoming obstacles and fears, which matters most.

The learning will always overpower the results. You can start bad, but you chose to live a righteous life. You can end badly, but you have learned your life’s lessons you’ll always treasure.

Life is short to be somebody else. If you tried, you will just be the second best. But being yourself, you might get the best! Never underestimate what God has given you. Just remember that He did not create you to be the tail, but the head. You are the apple of His eyes.

Even when the world’s standards degrade you, there’s a God that will always uplift you. You are His child, and He will always be there for you. You are precious in His sight, so don’t be low in yourself.

The value you put in yourself is the same value that others will put unto you. So if you think you’re not worthy, then others will agree.

However, you have a God inside you, who made you worthy, significant, and beautiful. There’s no way you can tell yourself you’re not. So, when you face the mirror, smile widely and be thankful and blessed you have a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, nose and a mouth. You have two hands, the left and the right. You could walk, and you could talk.

There’s a lot to be thankful for. You’re blessed, and you will be blessed more! Imagine, you could read my article, having access in the internet? Wow! That’s one blessing you should appreciate for. Technology has rapidly progressing, and we’re the benefactors of it.

You may not always reach the world’s standards- latest fashions, trends, technology and gadgets. Yet, you live a meaningful and a prosperous life. You’re a child of the Creator of the universe. What more could you ask?

We do not deserve them, yet we have it all.


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