Do not be mistaken

A journey is always better when it is shared.

Do you know someone who prefers to play chess alone? Or someone who enjoys more playing ‘Pinoy Henyo’ all by himself? Well, I hope not. No man is an island. Until now, I’ve been moved by this truth. Imagine doing things alone, eating alone, walking alone, studying by yourself and watching movie alone. It’s just not right, unless you’re half crazy.

That is why many people tend to find friends within their peer group. Those who enjoy hip-hop styles find their companion with the same dancers. Those who vocalize well are with the singers. Some athletes find themselves stuck in some sports team. And so are we! We definitely hang-out with people who has the same face as ours, the same looks as ours, and even the same standards that we have.

It doesn’t matter anyway, we thought. But, isn’t it a little boring to have so many peers around you? I mean, you can’t always please everyone and agree with them a lot. To make up with this, we minimize the peers we are in to, and that’s the time ‘best friend’ friend is born.

I never had a best friend in my entire life. I don’t know, I just don’t believe that there is someone, or only one person whom I could rely on with the minute details of my life. As the years passed by, I realized that my classmates’ best friends changes constantly. They be with their best friend a year ago, encountered some problems with him/her, then a new season of best friend has come.

For me, that’s a silly act to do. I bet they promised each other to be around when they are down, and things like that. Then ten minutes had passed, they made a complete new package of best friend. What a surprise!

So, we tend to long for that person who could be with us like forever, and end up to a wrong perspective. I-want-to-have-a-boyfriend/girlfriend attitude is what I’m talking about. It’s about thinking of your partner in life, a love partner maybe. With our generation today, we can’t help but to notice teenagers like you and me completely settle in a relationship with opposite sex with such a young age.

Normally when a guy is having an admiration with a girl, they will sincerely express it to them through “harana,” or “pamamanhikan.” They really made an effort just to know the girl’s house and her parents. Sometimes being serious about the girl, they tend to help the girl’s parents in doing the household chores and so on.

What about now? One text to the girl from the guy, and it made her think that the guy loves him, and has an admiration for her. They will be text mates- sweet text mates, until the girl will finally fall on to the guy’s trap saying ‘yes.’ A few days after, they decided to meet and boom. They broke up with each other. It’s like a one-day adventure for them, not the real love thing. How immature.

The same happened with a friend of mine in a social networking site. When she had viewed the guy’s profile, it was so handsome she didn’t think twice to make him her chat mate. They started chatting, video calling each other, sharing photos until they had a sweet relationship. Something that Mutual Understanding (MU) would definitely describe.

See? There’s a big difference between before and after. The values of before have been omitted in the after. Those values that would be essential to everyone’s growth just disappeared with the latest trends and culture.

When did it start? To my realization, it started with longing. We long for a person that would be there with us forever, and we prefer the opposite sex to entertain that thought. After longing, we’re now searching.  They say that it is today’s trend to have a relationship with opposite sex intimately. When you reach your age in High School Life, that’s the time you must enjoy and explore things your way. That’s also one thing.

We have exaggerated the need for us, individuals to have a companion and a friend. We could always find joy with our friends in good or bad times, yet we prefer to search it in the opposite sex thinking it would be more romantic and happier. Guess not!

I knew I may not be the right person to say this having been NBSB (No Boyfriend since Birth) until now, but you can’t be satisfied with the love, feelings and emotions you’re investing with your partner in opposite sex. It doesn’t work this way.

Your partner does not complete you, don’t misunderstand that. Oftentimes in a TV series, lines will be “You complete me,” or “I can’t live without you.” Thinking about those just made it more nonsense ever. You’re already complete before you met that person. And you had lived just enough before committing a relationship with your partner. So, there’s no way you could utter this words to make your relationship with the opposite sex more romantic and “kakilig.”

What I mean is you don’t have to have a partner in life to make you happy and have companion. You have your friends in your back, your peer with your side and God inside your heart. You will never be complete with a romantic relationship, and you will never be until the day you die.

What you need to do is appreciate those people around you, making the effort to make you smile and cheer you up. You will always end up with your family, no matter what. They are the people who would be there for you every time you fall, until the last moment of your life. Your friends might disappoint you, they might change and ignore you; but your family will stay the same. They are your companions in your journey, whether you like it or not.

So, don’t search for love with someone who could send you sweet messages, buy you with a bunch of flowers and chocolates, or the ones who could make you smile with their smiles. Sometimes, we cannot trust our heart completely. It can be deceived with our emotions and desires, even disappointments. But God serves as the most reliable source of love. He has unconditional love for you, that’s why He chose persons to be your friends and companion in your journey.

You need not journey alone.

You may not be in with the world’s standards, but you had set your standards firm. You may not please everyone with your thoughts, but you had kept clean and promising thoughts that God would reward you for those. You may think you’re abnormal, yet it’s alright to be above the normal.

You may not be the person your friends want you to be; however, you’re the best person in this world who could have these unique and extra ordinary features no one could possibly possess except you!


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